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I think she said that it would fit forward facing until 3-4.  I've heard around 2 years rear facing for most kids in the scenera.
I don't think they all can, though I know some can.  
I have a radian rxt and like it.  Not sure what you mean about the head wings not adjusting?  There is the angle adjuster out now which helps with install issues and it not taking as much room front to back.    My kids tend tall and skinny by toddlerhood (start out big and get bigger fast for the first year then slim out) and both hit 35lbs before 4yrs old (which is the top weight for the true fit, not sure on the others)  Both hit 35lbs somewhere around 3.5yrs.
  Of course that's ideal, but it is often financially prohibitive.  Plane fares are going up, and quickly!  These days an extra seat could easily be $400 or more. 
I've flown numerous times with boulevards (same footprint as a marathon) and it fits fine.  I do lift the armrest, and ask for a belt extender (because otherwise the buckle ends up at an impossible spot)
Okay... I'm not talking tigers.  I am talking a real actual comparison with the other viable option- driving.     I suppose it could be argued that it is less selfish to drive than to have a lap child on an airplane.  Duly noted.  
The top tether when rf doesn't need to be ratched all the way super tight to my understanding.
    Yeah.... gotta go with Rrrrrachel here.  I have flown with a lap child once.  The other choice was driving.  I did my research and from what I found we were safer to fly with a lap baby than to drive.  I would make the same choice again with the stats I've read.  If there is something that shows that driving is the safer choice, I would reconsider.     No one says that a road trip is an unacceptable risk- that you should fly or not go.  Why is this different?
No connection  :)
  It can infect the testicles.  IF it impacted BOTH testicles it could cause infertility.  This is so rare that there are no stats on it.  It is a theoretical risk.   To the OP- glad she's feeling better!
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