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True- after I typed that I thought of those old rf trunk seats in station wagons  lol (not safe for other reasons, but...)   But what I was inarticulately getting at was that whether he fits correctly is much more important than what the law says.
While he may *legally* be able to ride without a booster soon, I have never known an 8yr old who was big enough to safely ride without a booster.  
There is no research on whether vaxing the mom would confer any immunity at all to the baby.  Generally it is thought not to.  
My water has always ruptured late in labor- while pushing.  
There are tons of good midwives in Houston.  Personally I would start with:   Jackie Griggs Sandra MacDonald Chris Duffy   I use Chris and have been very happy with her.
Quote: It doesn't matter if they cosleep or not  ;)  Heck, it could be the couch.  Babies fall.  Luckily they're made out of rubber...      
I'm in Texas- where midwives are licensed and not tightly regulated.  Licensed midwives can attend a variety of births and don't have to carry insurance or be backed by an OB.  It sounds like some who are arguing against "illegal" midwives may also be arguing against LEGAL midwives as they exist here.  
IMO the radian is useless as a booster- when it is outgrown harnessed it is outgrown as a booster.
Everything I've read says that theoretically they are not safe and should not be used.  I have not used one with my kids.  I think I *would* consider it if it would help a situation with an unhappy child, but I wouldn't use one automatically.  
Really tetanus is *everywhere*  Look at stats and you'll find it's incredibly rare.  Look at historical stats and you'll find it's ALWAYS been incredibly rare.  Sure it's in the dirt.  It's in the dust in your house too.  The reason that it is rare is that it is very difficult to contract.  Statistically your most likely injuries to be a tetanus risk are extensive burns or crushing injuries (like car accidents or major trauma)  Those increase the risk of tetanus due to...
New Posts  All Forums: