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Quote:   I'm sure it's different state by state, but here in TX the hospital doesn't care that it's your midwife when you transfer.  Whether or not she stays is up to the hospital- they absolutely can (and do) kick them out.
Quote: Actually I think that's pretty standard.  If it's a "regular" brand also allowing costco to sell as generic, they're not going to want costco to advertise that it's actually Horizon or Stoneyfield Farm or whatever b/c then people won't want to pay more for the brand elsewhere.   
I was allergic/reactive to the tetanus vaccine as a child.  Found out my grandmother was too.  Figured we'd not do that one for our kids and I started researching....
Have to agree that you're not down to any wire.  You have all the time in the world.  
My dd was older when ds was born (3.5) but yes, I tandem nursed.  It was never a problem.  Dd was sweet towards ds and more than willing to share.  It was a sweet bonding thing that they both could nurse.
I wouldn't force it on her plate.  That should be a step you work towards over time.
I use Chris Duffy and have been very pleased with her.   Other midwives I would consider include Sandra MacDonald and Jackie Griggs.
Eh... I could see having felt that way when my kids were younger, but they're old enough now that they're going to hear about any party (involving someone who they consider a friend) whether or not they were there.  Life goes on.   If I *expected* to be invited, yeah, I would be hurt and discuss it with them.  Otherwise?  There's ALWAYS some social event in our extended circles, I'd figure there was a reason.
1st baby none during pregnancy, 1 during labor (midwife wanted to decide if I was "far enough" for her to stay or if she could go home and catch some sleep)   2nd baby none during pregnancy, had a long pushing stage and was TIRED- she asked to check- found a cervical lip that she held back for a bit that while not comfortable, did help us progress.
And after wrestling the one my parents have tonight, no WAY I'd want to have to install and uninstall that monster frequently.  
New Posts  All Forums: