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Yep, anyone in the seats with airbags matters.  The sensors are to detect the size of that person and calculate the force and angle with which the airbag will deploy.
The new ones are a bit wider I think.  On install- can you fit your current one at a newborn recline in the center row?  I know I'm planning to put mine in the middle of my sienna to get a full recline.  On the sides it hits the driver or passenger seat (and on my sienna touching isn't allowed  :(  not to mention I couldn't get a newborn recline with it touching.
Don't know if you've seen it, but here's their comparison chart:   http://us.diono.com/en/car-seat-comparisons   I also wouldn't use a radian for a newborn without the insert.  It's just too huge.   Also looks like the 100 doesn't have "memory foam padding"  but other than that looks like they're the same.    
The 80 is the old sunshine kids one- it is not being made any more.  The Diono (current) versions are 100, 120 and RXT.  The booster feature on these is pretty useless IMO-  if they kid has outgrown the harness, they've outgrown the seat as a booster.  AND they don't allow booster use until 50lbs.
on the recline- read your manual- that's going to vary.  On my sienna, for latch install in the captains chairs or back row it wants 5 clicks reclined.  
We don't do routine u/s so we didn't know ahead, but both of mine had cords around their necks.  Dd's was around her neck twice and her shoulders once.  Ds's was around his neck 5 times.  Yep. 5.  Both were born at home and fine.  Variations of normal.
First- your 2 yr old should still be rf.   They can both go in the center captains chairs probably, though you may need to put one in the middle to get the radian rf without hitting the front seats- you might also get the new angle adjuster.  
Also, the reason for installing all the way back in a front seat is to avoid the airbag.  Since it's a regular cab truck (no back seat) is it possible that it has an airbag switch where it can be turned off?
I'd be interested to see what info is given on the phone if someone who is shopping around calls and asks.  I believe this is the same practice as Injac, isn't it?  Used to be that Hogan was on all the lists too, but Injac was seen as even more relaxed?    
It's just a booster, not a 5pt harness.  There is also the bubble bum that's inflatable (and gets excellent reviews)  
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