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Quote: We have never had a single issue.  We homeschool and participate in a large number of activities and it has never been an issue at all.
This is not necessarily true.  Type 2s often need MORE insulin than "normal" due to insulin resistance.  And Type 2s don't have the auto immune issues that type 1s do.  It's a different creature in every way.  So just because she needs insulin does NOT mean that her pancreas is not producing insulin.  
  I am personally reactive/allergic (terminology depends on who you ask  ;) ) to the tetanus vaccine.  As was my grandmother.  It was the first I eliminated from my list actually.  I had reactions to each dose- beginning with a hot knot at the site, progressing to the one I remember the best around age 9- my arm was swollen and hot, I ran 102-104 temps for a week and had intense body pains like with the flu.  AFTER that dose my ped at the time strongly cautioned my...
I originally planned to selectively vax on a delayed schedule.  I looked at each vaccine and each disease and compared things like chance of reaction, type of reaction, disease symptoms, disease risks, chance of actually contracting the diseases, etc.   At the end of that there were no current vaccines that I felt the benefits outweighed the risks for my kids at this point in time.
As a rule, chickenpox season tends to start here mid-Feb to march.
The frontier 85 will fit most kids until at least 7yrs or so.  You might try it out.
Agreed.  I wouldn't consider any of those seats.  I'd look at a radian, true fit, my ride, even britax before the ones they've listed.    
Graco nautilus or britax frontier 85 would both be good choices.
I would consider your history- you've been pregnant and birthed before.  How were your babies?  Large?  Average?  How was your control?  Did you have any BG issues during labor or after?  How has your control been this pregnancy (and compared to your others)?  What's your A1C like?     Have you tried fighting back at hospital births? (sorry if that's a given, just worth asking)  Perhaps even going in with a lawyer letter stating what you do and do not consent...
I am reactive/allergic to the tetanus vax as was my grandmother so I would be very very wary of giving it to my kids.  BUT post injury they would need the TIG not the vax anyway- different creature.  If I had an MD I trusted discussing it with me who was offering the TIG NOT the vax, I would seriously consider it.
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