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Check out Dr. Levatin in Brookline. http://www.janetlevatin.com/
Have your DH listen to this!  http://knitwisemedia.org/kwm.v1/current_project.html
ma2two...thank you...I know...I was surprised...she suggested I brush up on my Tetanus research and to think about it...I said I didn't think it was necessary, but for some reason, it has been on my mind all afternoon since we left her office. I was just on the NVIC site, linked to vaccineshoppe, and I don't see any single dose tetanus vax there, except one for ages 7+...she said she gets it from sanofi pasteur...not sure which one she is talking about... I also just...
We just got back from our appt today...DD1 is 3 1/2...100% vax free...we have an awesome homeopathic doc...she doesn't even do vax's at her practice, but she does recommend Tetnus. She gets the single vax in her office..its the one single one she does...sigh...now here I am, wondering what to do...
I own it and love it. It was the one thing that finally made my DH feel good about our decision not to vax.
So we are now thinking about Winter Park...drove through there yesterday and it is lovely!
After I posted this, I hit the jackpot of info! So if anyone else is looking for the info, I have it... here are some links.... http://www.ahem.info/SupportGroups.htm http://www.wickedlocal.com/billerica...home-schooling http://www.mhla.org/support/masupportgroups.htm http://www.nshlonline.org/
Hi there - Looking to find an active homeschooling group on the North shore.... especially ones that have younger children...anyone have any ideas, heard of any, or belong to one? There are no groups on meet up.com.
Thanks so much Lisa! Your info really helps!
If we were to move to Florida, (Windemere/orlando)... would I find a strong AP community? I know absolutely nothing about Florida, but my parents live there, and it might be an option for us so that I can be a SAHM. *** any homeschooling info would be appreciated... *** any homeopath pedi/family doc/no vax friendly doc info... I just want to know that I will find like minded mamas! Thanks!
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