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Ugh, I'm SO sorry TearyCloud. I don't have any insight but I do want to offer my sympathy. That really sucks. I hope a few months from now the pain won't be as sharp.
Ugh. Were we married to the same guy? Sorry mama. We'll raise up our sons to be more caring and respectful.
Can you get your cost of living any lower? Maybe living with your parents? Or getting a roommate? Perhaps even a college student who could watch your kids in the morning for lower rent? Is there any way to trade childcare with someone? Like they would watch your babies in the mornings and you could do weekend care for them?
I'm so sorry. I went through this in March (well, still dealing with the reality of it). I will just say that he will probably lie and lie and lie so just be careful. I would have sworn on my children's heads that my husband wasn't the kind to cheat on me. I still can't really believe it. He left his email open and I was so shocked. Then he denied it over the phone and denied it in person. He KNEW I had printed out his emails and still looked right in my eyes and...
We are only two months into a separation and we are both local. Right now he has them one day every weekend. I call once that day to tell them good night and that doesn't seem to be an issue. I was recently gone for five days to visit my dad and I called home once or twice per day, that didn't seem to be a problem either. I would love if he'd call every night to say hi to the kids but he doesn't. I've noticed my 12 year old will call his dad a few times a week to chat...
Do you know of any homeschool groups in the area or could you search them out on Yahoo groups? I ask because many of the teens in our homeschool groups are big animal lovers and imagine they'd drive over to someone's house and walk their dog for way less than a professional would cost.
Normally I really enjoy this show but last night's episode was terrible. Anyone else feel the same way?
Well my husband was transverse during my MIL's pregnancy and labor but turned after twelve hours of labor. They were prepping her for a c/s because he just wouldn't turn and at the last minute he did! Her doctor knew how much she wanted a natural labor so she went into labor on her own, did not have drugs, moved around a lot, etc. This was in 1978.
I go to a no tipping salon.
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