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We have United HealthCare (in TX) and while I have not yet had a birth with them I know they do cover homebirth and midwives. Just call the 800 number on your card and ask. I've asked several times when I've called about other questions and they always say that yes, they cover CPMs and homebirths.
Quote: Originally Posted by MommytoB They said with a 'seizure they had to do it 'rectally' even a friend who was with us who's a former EMT asked about Ear temp and the nurse said 'rectally is more 'accurate than the 'ear/armpit/oral for young kids. I hated to have my son to 'end up getting a 'temp up the butt' would have 'preferred it to be a 'ear one. I hope you know that you really do have the final say. Yes, rectal temps are most...
Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. Happy early birth day to the babes!
I watched. I'm glad it made it, I was worried last season that it would be canceled. It was a good episode I think. *ahem* Logan looks great!
You rock, mama! Congratulations to you and your family! I'll bet your kids will love to read this story someday.
Congratulations Kathryn and family! Welcome Coy, Max, and Lily!!! Can't wait to hear their birth story someday!
Here's a cd I made for my friend a few years ago. She listened to it during labor and her toddler still listens to it sometimes to fall asleep. Bend it Like Beckham Soundtrack#3 (Jind Mahi) The Glade--Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack Enya, Fairy Tale Come Away with me-Nora Jones Let it Be--The Beatles Beautiful-- India.Arie Warm Love--Van Morrison Shoot the Moon--Nora Jones Stars go Blue- Corrs and Bono Enya, Lord of the Rings soundtrack Wiccan...
I rubbed arnica oil on my belly. It helped the most when applied directly after a shower. Taking flax seed oil as a supplement dramatically helps my eczema, maybe you can see if that's okay to take during pregnancy. I did, but YMMV.
Since you like A names I'll add in my favorite A name....Anya.
I'm the original poster for this thread. I'm so glad that it is still active. It helps to know that I am not alone with feeling gulity about circ'ing my oldest and so happy/relieved about keeping my youngest intact. The parents I talked about in the first post have since had a second son. I am sad that they circ'ed that little guy too. Keep on posting, these stories are helpful to everyone in different ways I think. Take care.
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