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I just had one idea for you. Will you have someone at your house with you after the birth that can be a support person? I mean, say the in laws come over and figure out that you had the baby at home. They start to make a fuss, neither you or Dh have the energy to argue about it....is there anyone who could say, " This is not the appropriate time for this talk, etc." and move them out of the house if possible? It might be good to have this kind of 'back-up' plan, KWIM?...
My experience didn't hold true with that hypothesis though, so I'd thought I'd share my take on it. My first pregnancy I was one huge stretch mark, from my breasts all the way down to my knees, stretch marks everywhere! I was SO upset. My diet at that time was total crud too, mostly fast food, I gained 42 pounds. I was 19 years old. My labor was induced, medicated and I delivered in the lithotomy position. I only had a tiny tear, "not worth stitching". The nurse had...
Congratulations! I'd encourage you to do some research on Doppler and ultrasound technology and safety before using them. Personally I don't think they have been proven safe so these links are admittedly biased. http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/ultrasound.asp http://www.alternamoms.com/ultrasound.html Searches on www.google.com will show dozens of sites so you can research this more and see both sides. I bought a fetoscope. ...
http://falcao.best.vwh.net/ronnie/homesafe.html And you might want to put TTC on hold while you are making this decision, you don't want to feel pressured or stressed while pregnant, at least I didn't. Sorry, I know this is your business, I just wanted to throw that thought out there... Best wishes,
And for you mama--maybe some Motherwort tincture will help those weepy feelings? Ohhh, I can't wait to hear his birthstory!!
It's probably completely normal but there's nothing wrong with calling to check. Then you won't be worrying for two weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
What a day! Well, it can only get better right? (ducks the flying objects) Seriously, I wish you a very relaxing day tomorrow. I'll keep thinking of you and sending you labor vibes. Keep on truckin'. Misty~ who really digs these smilies
I hope you have the birth of your dreams!
I read your post several times to make sure I understood everything. To me, everything sounds normal. Meaning I don't see a medical reason to induce. Please don't worry about the size of the baby. S/he will not get too big, your body is growing her/him exactly the right size. I agree with the poster who encouraged you to plan some fun things for yourself. Is there any way you can get a massage? That might really help. More ideas...plan something really fun for...
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