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No, you don't mention it but I know how your toungue can be itching to talk about it. I helped at my best friend's home birth this summer and there were a few things her midwife did that made me want to yell. It was so hard to not bring this up! This friend and I talk about birth alllll the time though so I knew it was probably just a matter of time until she brought it up. In the meantime I just always mentioned my favorite parts of her labor and birth, and there were...
I believe in that power too. (((Elizabeth))) I'll be thinking of you.
(((((Tracie))))) I hope you heal quickly. Congratulations!! I love his name!
Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!!!
We were at an interactive Sleeping Beauty this weekend where the kids are encouraged to sit in the front and participate in the play. The king and queen were talking about getting ready for a new baby. They asked the kids who had a little brother or sister and many hands went up, lots of, "I have a little brother, I have a baby sister". Then the queen asked what did their parents use to feed the baby, clearly trying to get someone to say bottle. Jake was so excited...
I agree with having a second opinion. My best friend's 6 month old (intact!) also has an undescended testicle and surgery is not even being discussed until 12 months. These next 4 months can be a long time for a little developing body. Good luck with the surgery. I think that as long as the surgeon is clear about your wishes there will not be any trouble.
www.kerrysherbals.com sells a vitex tincture that I have heard works great. I haven't tried it yet because I am hoping my lp straightens out itself as my son nurses less. I do buy Kerry's Miracle Salve for rashes, cuts, etc., it's the best. Good luck!
The doppler just did not feel right to me during Kai's pregnancy so we only used a fetoscope. http://www.allheart.com/om13fetal.html That is the one I have. We could all hear it clearly from about 19/20 weeks. My husband loved to count the heartbeats. Also, I started feeling him at 13 weeks so it was easy to know he was still in there. I love the fetoscope, it's so simple and so cool! Oh, and it was not hard to use, just remember to keep the tube taut, if it was...
My son is Kai, rhymes with hi. To me that sounds very strong. In the Hawaiian lanuage it means ocean. His middle name is Ryley which means island meadow. It really fits him and I think he will love it when he's grown up. My other son is Jake which also is a strong name but sooooo popular.
Have you sent her the link to the video yet? If not, strongly encourage her to watch it, at least under the guise of "preparing" themselves for what the procedure will be like. Also tell her that they should at least stay with the baby while it's being done. If she says she couldn't handle it then ask why if SHE can't handle it...why should the baby have to?
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