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ADINA!!!!! I'm a lurker but I just had to pop in to say congratulations!!!!!! I am so HAPPY for you, so excited! YAY!!!!!!!
Are you thinking of telling them before the birth? Personally I wouldn't because you just don't need their worry and nervous energy directed at you. If you want to tell them afterwards then just say that you had an experienced midwife and you were comfortable with your decision. I guess maybe I'm not very tactful or something but I never put up with anyone freaking out about homebirth. I just said firmly that I had done years of learning about it, I felt it was...
Here's the CD I put together for my best friend, she loves it. The first song is fast, but it has such a cool rhythm. I thought it would be good to dance to and move her hips. She's due ANY DAY NOW and plans to play it during labor. A few months ago she made a CD for our other friend's labor. That one had several Dido songs, I know 'Thank You' for sure. Also, 'Over the Rainbow' by Iz, some of Chris Isaac's Baja Sessions, I know some Sarah McLachlan, I think 'Arms of...
Thanks so much y'all!
Okay, I feel very silly for asking this but I just cannot picture it. Specifically if they are on a birthing stool or sitting/laying on the bed. Babies seem so slippery.....how do you keep your hands on them? I had my eyes closed from pushing both times so I don't recall how my babies were caught. I can picture how to catch my own baby but not someone else's baby.
Nope. We're vegan anyway. Kai will not drink any type of milk or juice, he runs away screaming if you dare suggest it. Just breastmilk and water for him, a lot of both every day. Jake starting drinking soy milk and juice around a year and continued nursing until 4 years old.
OMG, Brandi, I am so sorry. I'm lighting a candle for you and your family will be in thoughts all day.
LOL! John wanted to name our son Ace too. Just because he liked it. There's a big red circle around it in the baby name book. I said no freaking way. You know what's funny though is that Jake is scarily lucky with cards. The nickname Ace fits him very well!
Laura, Thank you! I'm not pregnant again yet but that is a good deal! Hope they fit.
Hi Kinsey, There are other ways to make sure you're on track without u/s. I wasn't exactly sure of when Kai was conceived so I used these to help. What week morning sickness started and ended, week of first movement, fundal height, what week we heard the heartbeat. Luckily, the morning sickness started and ended at the same weeks they had in my first pregnancy, and movement also started the same week so I was pretty sure I had gotten the ovulation date right. We...
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