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Oh that sounds hard.    She sounds like mine - I eventually figured out that she was getting over tired.  After she's been awake for an hour and 15 minutes, I change her, swaddle her and nurse her til she's asleep - at first I had to drop everything to do it.  Once asleep, I put her in the swing.  Now she will actually nap and doesn't get to that crazy place where nothing will soothe her and she's crazy.
They are very cute!  
Also, babies at that age apparently recognize their mother by her hair line - so she's not staring past you, she's learning to recognize you!
Have you tried swaddling?  My 2 month old won't nap at all unless she is swaddled - her arms are apparently a burden to her - she can't seem to keep them away from her face and constantly wakes herself up.  I swaddle, nurse to sleep and then put her in the swing - it's the only way to get her to nap long enough to be happy.
I just bathe our baby in the regular tub - we use one of those 'bath slings' because she's in with her brother, but if she's on her own then we just lay her flat.  She loves it - kicks and splashes and propels herself across the tub.  :)   As for the rest - you will either over pack or under pack.  I usually over pack.  Don't feel too bad about teh CD, I think they are a pain to travel with and swore to never do it again.
She will, no choice.  And a hat as well.  I don't consider these things choices - we are very fair and burn easily and I won't risk damage to her skin and eyes.
Hi, I remember you from the 'I'm Pregnant' forum.  You spend so much time worrying about stuff like this, I really really beg you to seek help.  Your baby will be fine. 
We have the same toy mat too - Alice adores it.  Here's a pic. 
Sounds like a growth spurt to me too.  They are very frustrating!  Also, remember that your breasts are never actually drained - milk is constantly being produced.
Are you having a dedication/Christening/Baptism/Bris/party?   (We've been really quiet lately and I miss you guys!  Talk more!)   We're having a "Welcome Alice" party today!  Friends and family are coming, there will be food and probably gifts.    We'll also dedicate her in the UU church, and probably have a Pagan based 'naming' ceremony. 
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