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Is her bed in your room?  If so, at a year I wouldn't feel badly about letting her know you are there, and then laying back in your bed while she is in hers.  Similarly, if she is in her own room, I would stick an air mattress on the floor and sleep there.  She doesn't need to be waking in the middle of the night to play.  Making it fun is going to encourage it to keep happening.  It's normal for a child approaching a new milestone to wake for a week or two, but you say...
Gift certificates for restaurants that deliver!
I would really like an IUD (thought I have heard that insertion is painful and it increases your periods) but we can't afford one right this second so we are using condoms.  I don't know why everyone hates them so badly, but they are mostly what we've always used.  I'd like the IUD for convenience.
When push comes to shove though, if I decide it's easier on me to take my stroller to the beach, and I do, even if my 'gigantic' three year old never rides in it, then that's my choice.  What does it matter to you?  It doesn't mean I'm more attached to the stroller than the child (WTF is that?) it means the stroller lets me enjoy my day with my child without feeling like a human pack mule.  My kid rarely rides in the stroller, but I used to bring it everywhere.  Not for...
  Alice eight weeks.
  Out of curiosity, you do have the rise snaps shortened, right?  Have the rise too high will effect the legs.  
It's coming - with DS it went from 3 to 6 months, and I expect similar with DD.
The mini does fine on trails and grass though not the snow.  It's a godsend if you use public transit.  It's not worse for a newborn than my Phil and Ted's (which I would not recommend for what you want.)    Bff has it, and if I had another double stroller I would prefer the City Mini instead of the P&T's.  It's light, it folds easily, has great storage.   I've never seen the Elite though, so I can't help there.
We just use the baby faceclothes.  They are cheap, thin enough to get into all the crevices and we wash them with the diapers.  Plus we got a ton for our shower.    
They started to fit DD (who was 7lb6oz) from about 2 weeks, but we have the folded organic inserts and they are really really wide!
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