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Being unvaxxed meant she thought it was likely she had an infection that most kids are vaxxed for.   How did you discover the infection if she isn't fussy?  It's standard of care here to wait 2 or 3 days to see if it clears on it's own.  Past that I would use the antibiotics, since prolonged plugged ears aren't good for kids learning to talk.
At 6 weeks, your baby needs between 15-17 hours of sleep a day, so yes, he needs naps.  A baby that age shouldn't be awake for more than 2 hours at a time, so after he's been up for an hour and 15 min start getting him ready to go back to sleep (diaper, swaddle, nursing).  Swaddling is a god send around here.  So is the swing, she'll often sleep there even if I can't get her down anywhere else.
Me too! (but I think that that's more to do with the fact that there was a lot more sleeping and less crying when I was pregnant.)  Alice is having a rough patch.
Glad to hear that it wasn't seizures - my 8 week old does this too, and has since birth.  She can startle without anything to set it off, laying on the floor or the change table.   I'll make sure to bring it up at her next doctor's appt. if she is still doing it. 
To clarify my previous post, it's not something I would feel comfortable skipping.  Leah of Signing Time fame went undiagnosed profoundly deaf to the age of 18months because she didn't get the screening.  That's only one example, but it's absolutely harmless except for the time it takes.  Both my kids slept straight through it.
I didn't have a homebirth, but we don't stay in the hospital long enough after the birth to get all the stuff done.  We go in at 2 days pp to have the hearing screen and PKU test done.  I make sure to have them both on the same day!
Awesome news!
Now that most of us are past the really little newborn phase, what are your babies up to?   Alice is smiling up a storm, working on sleeping independantly in the crib for naps, love love loves her stroller for outings.  She can pick me out of a crowd, and loves to watch her big brother, and her Daddy.    As of yesterday, she's 11lbs 2oz.  Nursing is going well, but she's not really willing to take a bottle, which I find hard since I have Girl Guides on the go as...
It's probably a growth spurt.  They happen at 3 months.  (And 6 months, so you'll be ready.)
  That sounds really stressful and hard, and thumbs up to you for making it through.  I agree that seeking out support, whether online or in person is a great idea.  But I wanted to post mostly to let you know that a delay in bonding can happen no matter what.  My second is almost 2 months old and was born completely natural in 2 pushes 6 min after we arrived at the hospital.  But I'm only just now starting to really bond with her in the way I am bonded to my son.  For...
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