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CD are not scary.  If you are scared, see about getting a trial - I think Jillian's Diapers does one in the US, Nurtured Products for Parenting does one on the East  Coast of Canada.   Laundry:  cold rinse removes poop and pee, long hot wash to get them good and clean with a little bit of detergent (we use Tide free and gentle) and then a rinse or two to get the soap out.   Smell:  Smells better than disposables, even if you use a Diaper genie or sim.  We used...
Sheepy pants, hands down.
I would try doubling the inserts - I don't think it will be as bulky as you think, but keep in mind, most cloth seems bulky when compared with disposables. 
She'll be 6 weeks on Monday, and while the acne is clearing, it leaves behind rough bumpy skin.  :(  I want my beautiful smooth baby back.
I really like my BabyHawk Meitai, and I'm short and big chested.  It's wonderful for the newborn period on front, and works well as a back carrier too.  We used it regularly until DS was 2-ish.   I also love love love my woven wrap, but there is a learning curve.
I find it easier to do the actual diapering, and a little harder to get to the laundry.   I find it highly motivating that we are diapering her for 'free' though.  Finances were one of the main reasons my husband loves cloth diapers, and we're really reaping the benefits of the choices we made with our first now. 
We do the Vit. D drops, they are easy to administer, have no additives or dyes or sugar (because I understand the WTF factor on that!)  but I wouldn't skip them.
Energy drinks are just high caffiene, so I wouldn't worry at all - I can drink a whole pot of strong tea in the morning, with no problems.  Good luck!
The bummis kits are infant sized, so they are a little big for average babies (ie. size small, not nb).  DS was 9lbs and they fit him well from birth.  DD was 7lbs and it took a few weeks before the fit.  Now I love them, but she also fits BG, sm FB and a lot of other things at this point.   We had a bunch of used nb fitteds with DD and loved them, but I don't think I'd spend the money on them new.  She's 4 weeks old and I'm packing most of them up already!
New Posts  All Forums: