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I also have a 4 week old, and she also nurses all evening.  Combined with the evening fussies (also called the 'witching hour' or 'Grandma's hour') it doesn't make for pleasant evenings.  But it's normal and they should outgrow it soon - 6 weeks is the 'peak' of newborn fussiness.   Here's hoping they settle soon!
I'm also a daycare provider and that's outrageous.  I don't tell parents how to parent, that's not my job.
I'm a WAHM, and have noticed a trend - the first year or so of your baby's life, you are more interested in them, and the 'magic' as you say is gone from everything else.  However, after 2, the magic starts to come back as your child grows and matures.   If you used to really really love your job, I wouldn't quit it, because chances are that in a couple of years you will really want it back, and I would hate to see you regret that decision.   OTOH, if it's...
No idea, but my 4 week old does the same thing!  Driving me crazy.
We used a fan when DS was little.  We've been lucky since and 'inherited' a white noise machine.
I do if there is a rash - and it takes more than just overnight to heal, so I use cloth friendly cream and go for a few days.
Yeah, the hating the car stage is one I'm dreading - it took a full year after DS stopped to stop having a racing heart pulling up to a red light.   White noise, shushing, singing, and loud music can help.
Chula You could try if you want - you may not get the supply back, but the earlier you try the more likely it is.    Things are hopping along here, DH is back to work, as am I, and DD is gettting so BIG!!.  I wish her newborn acne would clear though, it's so bad and people ask about it everywhere.
We started DS a little before he started solids, when he was interested but we weren't ready to feed him yet.  So, 5 months.    I'm sure at 4 months they'd be fine - it's only for a short while every now and then.  Could you get any local b/m donations?  human milk 4 human babies?  We have more donators locally then takers, it seems and most would love to contribute a couple of bottles a couple of times a week.   nak
DD is only 3 weeks but she gets a bath every few days to clear out neck and leg roll cheese.  And because she really really really likes it - it gets rid of the evening fussies like nothing else!
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