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Anyone else dealing with this plague?  tips?  Alice is coated!  All across her face, neck, chest...
DS is 3 1/2.  He loves DD, adores her (The first thing he said when he got home from my parent's was "I want to hold my baby now.") and is adjusting well.  A little acting out, tantrums and such.   I'm fine leaving them alone in a room together, he often keeps an ear out for me while I shower and such.  She's usually in the crib or swing though, if I left her on the floor, he tries to lay on her.  We're working on that.   He doesn't sleep with us anymore, though...
I don't cover, I'm not coordinated enough to use one!  
Two weeks and a bit:
Normal - it is rotting skin after all.  Hopefully it will fall off soon!
My first birth was long and kind of complicated, and part of me is still mentally expecting to go into labour.  The drive to the hospital wasn't much fun, but other than that the whole thing was fast and easy and natural, just as I'd dreamed the first one would be.    My recovery was a lot faster from this one, and while I wasn't up cooking breakfast, I was able to go for a walk in something faster than a shuffle at 2 days pp when we went back to the hospital for...
Elenor- Fingers crossed!  You can't trust the dripping water on them test - they need pressure to absorb through fleece.   Eden - My 'nb' is actually 'sm' since my first was big - I keep forgetting that Alice is so much smaller, and will be in nb diapers a lot longer!  DS outgrow size small at around 4 months.  He was still having EBF poops, but they were easier to contain in bigger diapers, and just seemed less explosive.   Alice has had a rough time of it with...
IT's so hard to say... My first was 9lbs and outgrew nb stuff in a week.  #2 is 2lbs smaller and still wearing nb stuff at 2 weeks, though it's getting small fast.   I'd get the smalls, personally.
Sugarpeas hemp 2 size.  So many of them lost the leg elastic, and while the store I bought from would replace them, it got ridiculous.   MEOS, I love them, but they aren't absorbant enough IMO.   BG - it pains me to say it, because I do like the design, but the Apilix goes too fast.
You probably have enough diapers, though if you have a bigger baby you will need to upsize quite quickly.  I would recommend adding a few more covers though - I like to have at least 8 for a newborn baby, as they have a tendency to 'blow out' from the legs or up the back.   You will also need more wipes, though if you are having a shower you will probably get a lot of baby washclothes, which make good wipes.    Good luck!
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