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Breast fed baby poo is the worst.   Sunshine on wet diapers is the best way to 'bleach' it out, but other than that they are just part of the process to me.  I've never found a way to wash them out.
I agree that she's likely ready to start dropping her morning nap, which is why everything feels so crazy.   I would start feeding her lunch a little earlier and put her to bed an hour or two before her old afternoon nap time.   Be prepared for her to be very very cranky while she adjusts.
I do all of that plus I let her get those first gulps in and then I pull her off and burp her before continuing.  It was suggested to me by a friend who s a LLL leader.
Alice still isn't big enough for the Flips or the SM. Fuzzibunz.  She JUST fits the BG on the smallest setting.   Trekkingirl, it does sound like you'll need to change her more often - once the diaper part is soaked, it's a short time til the cover leaks.  And watch around the legs - the cover needs to be tight enough to conceal everything or you'll get wicking and leaks.    aidenn, I like to have 8 covers. min for the nb period, when you get more blowouts.  As...
It's different for everyone.  I know lots of people who bled right to 6 weeks.  I'm at 2 weeks and down to spotting.
Fiber - I started eating Shredded Wheat and took a fiber supplement (Benefiber chewable)   Fish oil supplements   i swear they got things moving again when I swore I was plugged up for good!
What kind of diapers are you using Trekkingirl?  Are the covers covering the whole diaper?  Are they tight enough at the leg?   DH goes back to 13 hour shifts on Wednesday, and daycaregirl is back tomorrow.  My stepmother is coming on Wed. to check and make sure dinner gets cooked and DS gets to bed on Wednesday though!
That's so stressful!  My little girl is 13 days old, and there's so many bugs running around this time of year.   Keep an eye on his wet diapers, and if you notice fewer than usual, head back to the doctor/hospital.  You can also use breastmilk in his nose to help loosen stuff up.    Other than that - hang in there!  Here's hoping it will be over soon.
I use Bravado cloth pads and Lansinoh disposables.  Still learning to manage the OALD - my first was big enough to 'take it' and not have tummy trouble.  Alice has been pretty miserable the last few days though.   http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html
The hospital recommends doing nothing and keeping it dry, so that what we did.  It did smell a lot on the last day before it fell off, but since it IS rotting skin, that shouldn't be a surprise.   (Does anyone else keep them?  We get sent home with the stupid clamp so I keep in in their baby books in a baggie.)
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