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Congrats, and so pleased that things happened on your terms, even if they didn't go as planned. 
Maybe it's related to swelling?  I get them, but just in my legs.   I don't know if I had them with my last - he was born in the hottest part of the year, everyone was sweaty.
We just use a room temp. peri bottle.  Another idea I've heard is to use a thermos with a push button top.
UserName:Twinklefae *Due Date* and guess date and time:Due February 14, but likely to give birth March 1. Actual Birth Date and time: I was only off by 4 hours - February 28 @ 8:20pm Guess of hours in labor:24 hours. (I was 45 hours with DS) Actual hrs in labor: 17 hours Guess of Gender:Chinese predictor, chart and friend psychic all say boy Actual Gender of baby: GIRL! Weight and Length: 9lbs 2 oz and 20" Actual Weight and Length: 7lbs6oz - the biggest...
I hear you on the routine thing.  I can't wait til daycaregirl comes back on Monday - DS is watching TOO much TV, and is bored silly with no friends to play with.  Alice is very flexible and I'm not worried about her too much.
  2 days old
Good Luck Ravin - the threat of in duction worked for DD, hopefully it works for you too!
I love the faces Alice makes while she's sleeping.  I love watching Orion love all over her.  I love how tiny she is.  I love watching how confused she gets when she sucks on her hand and no food comes out. 
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