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Hello! Just a quick note to announce the birth of our daughter, Laura Abigail! She was welcomed into the world at 11:33 pm last night after a fast and furious 5 hour natual labor. 7 lbs 14 oz, 20in long. I and baby are happy and healthy! She is adorable and even has a little dark brown hair Birth story to come later, but I will say that the morning of I had my membranes stripped and I think that is what did it!! And I must expell myself from the League of Ladies who...
Yes! Man, I feel like I constantly have to do #1, 2 AND 3. Three being push this baby out. It is weird and annoying because sometimes when I have to go the way I sit on the toilet it aggrivates my sciatic nerve and I can't relax and get the job done! ARG!
Quote: Originally Posted by Pepper44 I love that this thread is over taking the weekly thread. I'm having bloody show tonight.... Except it's coming out of my nose and not my vagina. My body is confused. I'm ready for more scientific experiments...any other ideas? If that is what bloody show is I have been having it for months! I thought labor was within 24-48 hours when you see it? Ugh! I am so hoping the bloody nose goes away once I...
So the whole complaining about not wanting to go to work is only effective if you consider "effective" 2 hours of false labor. Last time I try that one!! Quote: Originally Posted by LenaC Oh, oh, and yesterday the whole family got sick. That must be the most inconvenient and likely timing, don't ya think? Although, I'm secretly feeling my energy coming back today. Haha! Does seem conveniently INconvenient, I hope it works for you! My doula...
Congratulations! Love the name, we are considering Abigail for Laura's middle name. Happy you got the birth you wanted!!
Woohoo! Thanks, mamas! *must.....hold computer....up to belly!!* Work, vibes, work!!!
I currently am trying out complaining loudly to my belly that I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Will report tomorrow on effectiveness.
Thanks for your responses. I think that I am just going to have to make peace with the fact that I could be pregnant for another week or longer. I was sure it was going to happen this weekend! I just hope I can feel well enough to work....it was a hard day on Friday with the discomfort of everything combined. Oh well, being up and busy will probably help to continue to move things along, and Wednesday I am getting my membranes swept, so we'll see what happens. Nice...
Hooray! A great outcome for everyone!
Oh hooray! Count me jealous! I wish you a wonderful labor and birth!!
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