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you don't know me either but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your little girl - you are an amazing woman and your daughter is a fighter!
I don't think you are missing anything... I have jarred baby food that smells like cat food for crying out loud - its horrible!
Okay. As some of you know, I have been holding off on Kailani's 6 month vax because of the reaction she had to the last one - (four month). Both of her little legs went a dark purple - and no one could figure out why. So I explained this to our family support worker - and they inturn told me I cannot ignore her vaccinations, that she HAS to be vaccinated. I explained to them I refuse to vax her because of the most recent reaction, and I have my DH to back me up on...
I love our Prestons Pants and our Pot Belly Pig Design pockets we use our berry plush soakers with our pocket diapers and they work wonderfully!
I thought the videos were annoying .... and we have a couple of their toys, and I don't think they are well made either..
real name : kailani Beanie ! Thats her nick name. Or Super Beanie - or beanie baby, or beaniebutt... lol .... she received the nick name when she was still inside
I haven't heard anything bad about this seat for hips, spine etc. But I can tell you to try and find one used first. Our DD had hers for exactly a month before her little legs became too chubby for it!
hey mamas - good to hear about the babies moving forward. Sorry to hear about the sick babies though my beanie has figured out how to move around on her butt, she does crawl but not the normal way lol... Trying to explain to my four year old daughter that she can't keep small toys on the floor in the living room is like talking to a wall... and no matter how many times a day I sweep this floor, my DD always seems to find something to put in her mouth... .oi boy.
OH you so aren't alone. My DD does not stay with me when we're out. The only way I get her to stop is to stop wherever I am and tell her NOT to move. If she even tries to run, I walk back towards my house.
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