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I recently started using bs with honey. I used a pinch of bs and a half a palm blob of honey. Wet my face first, then applied in with fingers in circular motions. It has not been working out well, the honey rinses off but a lot of the bes doesn't it stays on top of the skin. I don't wan't to scrub to vigorously or else i'll wreck my skin. Can someone who uses the bs - honey combination give me any tips? How do you do it exactly?
hey, I'm in Ireland and couldn't find baking soda anywhere. We only have baking powder or bread soda. Are either of these the same as baking soda? I got bread soda today and it is very powdery, is that how it's supposed to be?
I have been using honey on its own for a couple of months and it doesn't seem to be doing so good any more... I was wondering how many people have been using only honey for a long period? At the moment it feels like it's not cleaning anymore, just sorta building up.
Quote: Originally Posted by frogguruami Is there an adjustment period (like there is with no-poo) when using honey to wash your face. I have been doing it for a few days now and I am breaking out like never before. Yea there is but not exactly the same as I would imagine it is for no-poo. It seems to draw all the spots that are under the surface out. So if your skin has lots of spots then for a week or two it will stay the same (just feel a LOT...
oh sorry I forgot, I meant to ask about the water pressure as well. I haven't been putting the pressure up high for fear it would over-dry my scalp, is that right? Or is the more pressure the better?
woah thanks a lot, you're certainly earning your person of the year award: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/ar...569514,00.html A note on my shampoo, this http://www.ciao.co.uk/Advanced_Alber..._Hair__5095108 is very close to it although I don't think it's exactly the same (maybe an older version). About the bs, we don't have any baking soda in the house (i have been using sugar with honey for my face) so I'll just try exactly what's said above and...
Hey thanks very much for the reply! Well I use V05 sheer vitality but recently tried johnson's baby shampoo which doesn't seem to have made a difference. Spastica, it isn't tiny bits, it's like a layer and if I break it then the bits of dandruff are huge. I'm almost positive it is the shampoo sticking on there because I don't know how to apply it or rinse it properly. Like in the ads they get big suds and rinse out without using their fingers to rub the scalp, just...
Hey mamas, this is very embarrassing and I'm not sure if it's the right forum but you guys seem to have all the answers. Well my problem is terrible dandruff and I think it is my method. I just have no idea what way I should be shampooing my hair (i'm pretty young and have shortish hair. Should I be using a big dollop in order to get loadsa suddage and should i be sorta rubbing quickly and hard or is it more of a massaging type motion. Like if i don't rub hard enough...
someone mentioned using honey in your hair as a conditioner and this has not been working out for me. It leaves a layer of white on my scalp (basically dandruff). Maybe I am using it incorrectly? Also I thought I remembered someone saying to use honey + brown sugar mix for hair but that gave the same results as above.
ah ok thanks for the replies
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