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the only place I can rely on for support  :)  have loved Mothering for a very long time.  helped me raise my kids to teens.  
gotta know  :)  my 7yo daughter has attention span troubles.
I suspect you are deep in the throws of your baby moon. congrats! I'm SOOOOO happy for you.
this is a HUGE issue. as you can see from the length of this thread. The American Library Association is against filters. they are quite liberal. http://www.ala.org/ala/aboutala/offi...verfilters.cfm they are about free speech (unless you are talking about putting a 10 commandments stone or a nativity scene outside the library). Not all libraries abide by their recommendations. Ours has adult computers (the ONLY ones not filtered) in a room w/ a door, you have to...
heplock? vitk shot? drops (erythromycin) in baby's eyes? bath? monitoring, should probably mention external/internal--consent to either or both? antibiotics? glucose water?
great to meet you! I've thought about birthing outside as well. we have all the same interests! best birth vibes to you!
I agree, milk needs to be in and well established through baby's system. BUT don't get it done on day 8! highest blood clotting factor on day 8 (why jews circ on that day) and he'll get his little heel poked many times! btdt, learn from my mistake.
bottom line is YOU ARE THE BOSS!! you have decent concerns and need an u/s. that's a fact. regardless of whether anyone here agrees w/ you getting one. so, here's what you do. put down the conditions. Before he starts, say, I have some things we need to go over. check for omphalocele, # of fetuses, position of placenta and that's it! (if that's it). Make this the shortest u/s of your career. mine was happy to do that 7 minutes.
our UC was stillborn. nothing happened except a huge city wide luncheon. County attorney had to sign the death certificate since do dr was here...
New Posts  All Forums: