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Quote: Because any time any kind of discussion like this comes up, people are so quick to point out that white people are not the only ones who have ever done bad things. But also, everybody refuses to recognize that historically, most of these atrocities have been perpetuated to further the interests of rich white people. Thank you, littleaugustbaby.
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelBee Any thing I should still address? Anyway to let him know HE can make a difference? This is a really useful book: http://www.quakerbooks.org/forty_way...cist_child.php There are reading suggestions at the end. There are lots of examples. There are discussions about being white and finding one's non-racist path and non-racist (white) role models. In this discussion, saying that bigotry isn't limited to...
Well, thanks very much. I'm pretty sure it is a random thing chosen by the server, btw. I don't think I'd qualify as a model member.
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan Other than being able to measure levels of mercury in the blood - are there bodily effects of mercury poisoning that are easily measurable? Perhaps the primary mechanisms are through the brain, and more difficult to measure. Thus, less likely to be of a public health concern? Must be measurable. The following links are to the NIOSH guide to Chemical Hazards on the web. I have an old edition of the pocket guide...
I thought the symptoms of mercury poisoning and beginning of knowledge of toxicities of mercury were well-known in the days of Louis XIV. It was a kill-or-cure remedy for syphillis. There's got to be a history. What about the "jokes" in late 1800's England about hatters?
Quote: Originally Posted by insider Then again maybe I'm just some sort of progressive nutbag. *rattle, rattle, rattle*
Thanks, MT. Still digesting.
Sorry, I have questions in return: What is the unit "bp"? I looked up amplicon. It appears to be something that only exists as a result of a laboratory procedure to amplify a DNA sequence. So, pardoning my ignorance, what should I be thinking when I see "amplicon" here? Also, there are "unique" amplicons for the Gulf War Vets. How do they know they are unique? Are they unique because they say so, or becuase these amplicons have never been seen anywhere else and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Missy ...we can't just move forward until we're ready to really see where we are. A lot, probably most, white people just really don't grasp the absolute presence of racism--it's not real to them. So true. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by halalove I really doubt you're sitting anywhere near an American college campus. :LOL Ohhhh, yes, they get handled with kid gloves there, too.
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