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Quote: Originally Posted by Periwinkle The green tea drinking, kabbalah joining, yoga practicing, dread wearing, blessingway attending mamas we all know and love. If all of the above is in one person's life, then I have a lot of trouble seeing how it is about honoring. Seems to be about consuming. Do these people have an indian princess grandma, too?
* meant to edit above
Quote: Originally Posted by 4imprints Yeah - I read that thread first....and you know what I thought? AA don't even have a right to have an issue with that!!! If you want to really think about it...weren't they more Jamaican (rastafarian?) than anything? So if you want to get technical..I would say an American born black person is actualy guilty of their own cultural appropriation in those terms. Now..give me a Jamaican who has a say in it-- and I'll...
OT: Quote: Originally Posted by Kajira ... prob 95% of the reasons that I am often ready to break fingers when ppl find themselves inserting their hands into my hair and amazing over how clean/nice smelling etc they are,... Are these close friends of yours with good reason to be doing this? Or just random people touching your hair? Just a question. I was a little surprised by the audacity the way I read it.
Re-took it: Quote: Economic Left/Right: -9.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -8.21
Quote: Originally Posted by kriskriskris "How can a child survive without Dora and The Wiggles"! Did you ask her what people did before television? Sorry. >cough< I really shouldn't be on this thread at all. We don't have a television and I'm on the TV-Free Children Tribe. : Grew up w/o one (except for a very short period in the late 1970's) and live in the greatest city on earth for pure street theater, so why on earth would I need a...
Yup. I saw this in the paper this morning and thought the same thing as Insider. Sheesh.
I do wonder about this, but from the opposite side. I go to a Quaker Meeting House here and there is a school. The school has a 7% Quaker student population and by no means a large group of Quaker teachers. I wonder why it gets to still be considered Quaker. I am sending my child to a public school because it is more economically and racially diverse, since both, in my opinion, are secular. The school keeps increasing its enrollment, but, I wonder why it wants to, as...
I took this test a couple of years ago (as did a lot of others, see this thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...itical+compass ) and plotted pretty deep into the lower left. Can't find my score though (I may have posted it on another board.). I'll take it again later and post the results here. It would be interesting to see if my score has changed.
At our dog run, no bitches in heat are allowed. Very bad idea to bring them in. Plenty of even the fixed males will fight then. Also, in general, discouraging humping is the thing to do. It is a domination manoeuver and can also lead to fighting. As far as putting human shame stuff on a dog: Don't. They aren't humans. Dogs know no shame. They are dogs. They like smelling each other's butts. If an owner gets annoyed, the owner needs to learn about dog behaviour.
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