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Quote: Originally Posted by sadie_sabot ...what'sthis all about, anyhow? Too high and mighty to read everyone else's posts, eh? :
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty I think I'm being asked to leave the unpopular thread. Bet-hedger.
A midwife I thought I was going to have at the start of the pregnancy (and who didn't end up being mine due to timing issues) carried one around with her and took it out to use it without asking my opinion about that. I asked her if she had a fetascope instead, which she did. But, it bothered me that she used that as a matter of course when I was aiming for something as intervention and technology free as possible. There are a lot of unknowns about Doppler use in the long...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna me too, I generally just double the page they suggest and go from there. Halve?
Quote: Originally Posted by nyveronica she said you were having your nails done.... hmmmm, something sounds fishy... Did she tell you the color? She chooses her nail color by its name, not its pigment.
Quote: Originally Posted by nyveronica sorry it took me so long to get here... CMM was texting me, kama was IM'ing Irish & Annakiss conferenced called I know. Kama called me on the other line.
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloKitty It's called constantly bumping your own love thread to make people think you are popular. You know, I don't need that. I do think, though, that all of us can now begin the discussion of delusions of grandeur. (And then I have to go and empty my pm folder again.) :
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla http://www.mothering.com/discussions...76&postcount=6 :
find some other non-vaccinated people in your area, get to know them and let your husband see how they have full lives with a lot of people in them. You do have some time.
Yeah, and did you know that if you click on the post number (it is highlighted, you might have noticed), it gives you just that post with its own url -- which is so handy.
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