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Quote: Originally Posted by tracymom The breeziness of my old posts really grates on my nerves. I mean, really, I'm still an optimist, but gads, how sickening. You mean, maybe, a breath of fresh air?
Quote: Originally Posted by tinybutterfly sohj, to get a thread shut down in arts and crafts...wow. I mean HOW does THAT happen? : Thank you. It's hard work, lemme tell ya. Trade secret.
I've had two thoughts when I've gone back to my old posts: 1) Where ARE these people? (El Casey S was one of those, for example) 2) And then, there is "Why doesn't this link to a MDC thread work anymore? That was a good thread! Why did they prune it?" Well, and then there is a third thought with regard to one particular thread I started...How did this thread get so OTT and be the only Arts & Crafts lockdown?!? (It was my second and last attempt to post a...
Just came across this. Sure is shorter than the last old-timers' thread.
Gitti, when you know, can you pass the info on to me, too, please?
chickieslp...you might want to check out this Tribe thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=198764 It's a bunch of tv-free families.
You know, I read about this months ago (probably when MyLittleWonders posted this) in the business pages and have a little note to myself in the front of my agenda book and I've been meaning to say something about it. The thing that caught my eye was that the company was called Gilead. I was dealing with some SEVERE patriarchy issues at the time and was wondering if it were this Gilead. Thanks for posting this. I can now throw out that scrap of paper. Definately there...
Spy who came in from the cold? Or a Northern Spy? So you could be the apple of our eye?
Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but did you guys check out their Privacy Policy before running the test? I don't think I'd want all that stuff linked to my e-mail and an IP address.
Well, as a female construction worker...admittedly, I'm also an engineer, so there is a class thing going on here, too...I'd like to add some standard items in my repertoire. 1) When asked why I want to do this kind of work, I have replied variations of the following: >>>>>1a) sincere Well, I like building things. If I could do it without all of you morons, that would be great. >>>>>1b) even more sincerely, but with a hint of dominatrix in the tone It is the fringe...
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