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Nettles and Hops are great for making more milk. If you want to drink a little beer, have one with a high hop count, like an I.P.A. (India Pale Ale) and it'll help the milk supply. Make sure you are well-hydrated, eating enough fat and protein, and getting enough sleep. Also make sure the latch hasn't changed without the nipple shield. If the latch isn't right, it could affect demand on the milk and therefore the supply your body provides.
pasta salads? popcorn? fresh fruit? cherry tomatoes? soup? (my little pixie loves soup, he asked for a thermos specially so I would pack him soup) raisins? pitted olives? These are all things I've packed in the last week for my guy. Today was pieces off a roast leg of lamb with mustard to dip them in. (He loves mustard.)
I'm not scared of another attack because life is random anyhow. I've already died when I was small, when I die for good, that'll be it. I mean, I could slip on soap in my bathtub...or I could have been unlucky and been born and raised in someplace where "necklacing" is done to people who step out of line: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necklacing. Kind of foolish to be scared of the future. Make hay while the sun shines.
Quote: Originally Posted by kennedy444 I was disappointed to see the lack of American flags waving from homes today. I had sent out an email to my neighbors encouraging everyone to show a bit of extra patriotism today. As a New Yorker, and as someone whose european family in North America goes back to 1634 and who thinks we had a revolution for a reason, I think that in order to show a bit of extra patriotism we should be raising the Bill Of...
Quote: Originally Posted by AutumnBreeze But I have my 9-11 candle buring. It's just one made to look like a flag. You are burning a flag.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess Yes, that's what I meant. So many people went about their day as if it had no effect on them. I could compare it to "Oh those poor people in the tsunami..." on the other side of the world, "hon what's for dinner." Well, what else were they going to do? They had no personal contact with it. People are dying all around the world every day, many of them in events just as unfair and random: I don't think it...
Quote: Originally Posted by oregongirlie So, you mean tell on her for her opinion? Yeah. I assume she is in "Child Sex Abuse" class as she is headed for some job that requires the recognition of such. She will be using her "opinion" when evaluating cases.
Pseudo-ironic so-called "hip" shows like 6 feet under cause autism. That and artificial food dyes. And the CIA. personally, I don't think television helps, but, what a weird article.
I know someone who is now about 50 who, when he was 2, was found in the middle of a two lane highway by someone who stopped (Thank Heavens!) and picked him up and took him into the house and gave the mother a serious tongue lashing. Aaron was a serious escape artist and was ALWAYS getting into or out of something: Like the road, up trees, into the chicken feed box in the barn when he got frightened by the rooster, climbed down the ladder into the repair pit in the...
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