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uuuuhhh shoes? just kidding   My kids use them to keep some of the small parts and pieces of toys like dd's squinkies (darn it Mom! She just keeps buying more and more of them. ) Crayon storage Bill storage Tote box of snacks for a car ride Building blocks, if you have enough of them
Sorry to hear about your allergies. oooooohhh I've never ordered from NutsOnline but I like their prices and selection.
OP-You need to be conscious of the fact that you have to live next door to this guy for as long as you both live there. I second a pp's suggestion of telling them your children have some allergies to some kinds of fertilizers and if he asks questions I'd just say something like "we're not really sure, it's so hard to tell but that's why we're very diligent in keeping them away from such things." I'd thank him for being thoughtful but would kindly ask him to try to so...
  I agree with your feelings about the tires. I've considered the same but always steer away from them for fear chemicals may leach into my food. Along the same lines, how do you all feel about kitty litter buckets? They're not food grade but, after posting for buckets on freecycle, a lady offered me a stack of these kitty litter buckets. Wondering, even if they're not the best bet, if maybe I can at least use them for the time being and transplant my plants. What kinds...
While I cannot use this in my current situation I am considering trying this next year at our new house. This person made potato growing sacks out of garden fabric. She sewed it into cylinders and grew potatoes in them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9J-bUbNSK0&feature=fvwrel  
After watching many videos online I feel strongly that I can make this work! I already have some empty containers so I plan to make a run for soil. I think I'm going to shoot for a Mel's mix sort of a blend. Any suggestions otherwise? Any other suggestions before I begin? I'm thinking of doing a few self watering containers and a few planting containers simply because I already have some containers and it'll cost that much less. With 16 tomato plants, 2 kinds of...
Ladies, thank you so much! I so appreciate your help and you've given me hope. Off to research self watering containers.
I'd been thinking about that. I posted on freecycle so far and am checking craigslist. I'll make some calls tomorrow to see what I can come up with. Thanks for your idea. Glad to hear this worked well for you.
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