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Maybe it's just my children being who they are but this would make my children very sad and upset at the notion that the possibility exists that we might run out of food. I envision dd's response being in the line of crying, stressing, worrying about our not having food.
Taking a moment to add that when I cook something really full of aroma I turn the furnace fan on with the AC temp turned way up so it doesn't kick on. This helps a lot in keeping the odors from settling in. I use eo in something like vodka as a pp mentioned. I got the idea after making my own perfume using vodka and eo. I also use, as my mother and grandmother, Murphy's Oil soap to clean. It smells soooo clean and is eco friendly.  
My mother had this issued when I was a kid, in a house we moved into. She did the whole tub thang and it worked really well. The previous owner was an elderly woman who had cleaning help but, apparently, the blinds were not a part of that contract. My mom used a rag, likely several as those blinds were nasty, and Murphy's Oil soap.  
I have the same affliction when dh is around. He travels a lot for work so when he's home we tend to goof off. I know this is a problem and I know it's going to be rough getting caught back up but we just can't stay on target. Can't. I figure, to escape the minutiae, I'll continue as we are. I like dropping all my chores to go to the park or whatever and I almost never do that unless dh is home.   I recently decided to get the toys more organized but only because the...
Another chiming in to say the "big box" curriculum, as we call it, likely won't be a good fit. After researching for a few years, I've come to the conclusion that nothing will be a good fit. There are individual items I'd like to purchase along the way but I've found my money is better spent on experiences like meet ups and museums, etc.   We're homeschooling our just turned 6yodd, we also have two teens in public school and a 2.5yo. We've definitely taken firm grasp...
I thought of that last night as I flopped down onto the bed after an exhausting day. I'm going to miss this when it's gone and I'm going to wish I had it back again. lol A recording device of some kind is a really great idea! I'll have to ask dh if he has something she can use. Thanks!
Yes, we've (dd and I) discussed getting a notebook for just that purpose. I wish I had an ounce of patience. Although, ds is napping so that's helping.
DD has been making up words for her still unnamed language again. I have a headache, terrible cramps, and tons to do so it's just getting to me today. She keeps coming to me and telling me new words and what they mean and she expects me to remember all of this and I just cannot do it today. I keep telling myself we're going to make it through the day but I can feel my patience running very thin at the moment.
OP-I wish I had time to read through everything else that's been said. I just don't. Maybe later tonight.   So far, I know that one of my dc have RH and we suspect two other dc as well. (maybe the baby as well, we'll see) The first, dd17yo, has needed snacks in school since she was 6yo. She carries a protein bar or chunks of cheese with her to school everyday. Without these she's a basket case. When she was younger though, she was not the one affected so much by...
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