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I'm buying a Combi double stroller side by side. It's really only for my older boys so that I can wear the baby. I have a friend who has one, and it's amazing. 
  katie (sorry so late getting this posted)-   how are you feeling these days? Pretty great! I always feel very healthy when I'm pregnant. Some heartburn, but nothing some Tums can't fix.    how is this pregnancy different than your others? This pregnancy is fairly similar to my second one. The first one was awful; I was sick every day, had headaches and was generally uncomfortable all of the time.    how do your sons feel about having a little brother or...
  EDD- May 15 Birthday Guess- May 14 Actual Birthday-     Sex prediction- Girl Actual sex-       Weight prediction- 9 lbs 1 ounce Actual weight-       Length Prediction-21ish Actual length-
We're not finding out. We found out w/ our first two, but I'm really looking forward to the surprise! After my u/s for DS2, I was told he was a girl, so I was surprised anyway! I had purchased all girl clothes for him, so I'm set either way. I'm getting girl vibes, though. I have a u/s scheduled for a few weeks when I'll be 22 or 23 weeks. 
I drank it religiously w/ my other pregnancy and only one cup w/ this one so far. I'm just not sold on it. My labor increased by ten hours w/ the baby I actually took it for compared to the one where I didn't drink a drop. I did have a glass last week. Maybe I need to start making it with the other stuff, too. 
Nothing interesting...but when my boys were opening their presents, FIL asked why we got them so many "gay" gifts. (DS1 got some kids' baking stuff and DS2 got a mini broom and dustpan.) Excuse me while I roll my eyes.    Ugh.    Anyway, 20 weeks today! Can't believe this is almost over. DH and I might have settled on some top names for now. 
Absolutely! I've felt flutters for a while now, but no real kicks yet. Can't wait for that!
It sounds like it's out of your price range, but I really like the Birth Pool in a Box. 
I'm on vacation right now and getting home tomorrow night. My plan is to get my clothes out this weekend and wash them and start wearin' em. I need to!
DS2 was born in April, and during my pregnancy w/ him, I just didn't button the last two buttons on my coat and was perfectly fine.
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