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My son wore disposable diapers (but I'm going to switch to cloth for the next baby) We shop at Wal Mart I also had the epidural and I liked it! My son was often found in the stroller instead of the sling We had McDonalds for lunch today My son watches Shrek, Toy Story, Barney and Blues Clues We eat lots and lots of processed foods My son is fully vaccinated However...trying to redeem myself... *My son is not circumcised *We are still...
does anyone know a website that I can go to to find out the law regarding eye ointment in Colorado?
Isn't the Vitamin k shot to help the blood clot? How does breastfeeding help this? I would love to advoid it all together if it's safe!
GREAT! Thanks! I will definently talk to my midwife about that have it in my birthplan.
For those of you who are going to delivery in the hospital, are you going to allow your baby to receive the ointment and shot? I'm really confused on these things. I'm really TERRIFED that if I refuse these procedures that they will call CPS on me (I've heard of them threatening this before). Maybe I should just to put off the procedures until the baby and I have (and daddy and big brother) have had bonding time. Oh, how I wish I could just have a homebirth!
I was 18 when Hunter was born and I'll be 21 when Grace is born.
My son's bottom two teeth are crooked - they make a perfect V! Is there anything a dentist can do or do we just have to wait until his adult teeth come it?
I was just wondering when children are suppose to go to the dentist for their first check up? I have a 2.5 year old and he hasn't gone yet.
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