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actually I was just going to run it from my home and sell at workshops that I plan to do at CBE offices
Thanks MaryElizabeth. At least in my area, there are still people distrustful of the internet, since they think that they may not get the product after paying or that their info is going to get stolen. Also there are people that don't have paypal or credit cards, and will pay cash. Still further is the fact that it's instant gratification, they get to take home the diapers RIGHT now, as opposed to browsing a site, then deciding against it or going somewhere else.
I am planning on opening a diaper business too. However, while I will have a website, I will stay local, and do cloth diaper workshops. I will charge for giving the workshop, but will give at the end of the workshop a gift certificate to each attendant so it seems like they got the workshop for "free" while providing an incentive to shop at my store. I hope this idea is helpful!
I didn't see anyone mention it, but if you are patted down, demand that the agent put on a pair of fresh gloves. I absolutely do not want to be frisked with gloves that have touched hundreds or thousands of people with unknown hygienic status. Scabies, fungi, herpes, the list goes on...just eww.
Or you can tell us what you can eat and we could make suggestions. Have you tried coconut oil, cream or milk? Coconut is very high in fat, and the milk is high in nutrients since it uses the water inside the coconut as well as the meat. You can use coconut to make fruit or green smoothies. But 9 months of EBF is nothing to scoff at! There are babies that never get even colostrum. Be proud of what you have accomplished!
At least for the bolting, you can get a backpack leash to keep him within reach without having to hold onto his hand or arm.
A breastfeeding mother will usually "coccoon" her baby, ie, bend her knees under the baby, and an arm under her head exposing the breast for baby. If Dad were to roll over, mother would feel it before baby would. When I slept with my firstborn and my husband, he said I would push him away when he tried to roll over to my side. I don't remember this at all. He said I did it in my sleep.
It's a job where you get paid. I'm not sure what to think?
Quote: Originally Posted by Latte Mama I think it's unusual that a majority of parents DON'T seem to care about car safety. I really don't get it and probably never will. I guess people think stuff won't happen to them. This is exactly what I think. How can people not care more about the safety of their kids? I mean, this is life or death stuff, but people put more thought into the color of the nursery and the 1st birthday theme than in what...
At four months I would assume he's getting hungry at night. Heck, I get hungry at night. But I have the option of going to the fridge and getting a snack. The only thing a baby can do is cry.
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