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I am popping in for the first time in a loooong time, but I used to (virtually) live on this board.  I wish had found it earlier in my journey because no one in real life understood and I felt like I could be very open and honest here.   I also wish someone had warned me that all manner of fertility drugs make you constipated worse than you ever could have imagined. :)
Hi there, My 7 year old is transitioning to a booster with a back that includes a seat belt guide for the chest part (do they all?).  After so many years of obsessively tightening, sitting in the durn thing to get the H clip in the right spot etc.  it is feeling really weird to me that the seat doesn't actually attach, it's just the seat belt doing the restraining.  Do I have this right?  Are all booster seats like that (eg. not attached using the tether)?
I like the little containers with removeable inner trays.  So you can use it for a lot of one thing or bits of a few things, ideal for a 5 year old!
Hi there! My DD's are 5 and 1 and I would like to invest in a yoga for kids DVD that is engaging and clear, easy to follow.  My plan would be for us all to do it together (1 year old already does a good downward facing dog, too bad she usually tries to do it while she's nursing!).  Please advise! :)
My dd is 14 months and has been biting!  So not cool.  She pretty much only does it when she is really tired and up til now I have been nursing her to sleep for pretty much every nap and at bedtime.  She chomps down and then pulls away with a snap. She only does it when she's been nursing for a while, so if I say "no biting" and stop nursing, she doesn't really care or if she is really tired she just cries in that heartbreaking "but I'm so tired and I need the boob" sort...
Hiya!!   My normally very easy going 10 month old has been having some rough nights.  Woke many times the last few nights, then last night woke up at 1am screaming and inconsolable which is so out of character.  The only other time she acted anything like that was when her only two teeth were popping through.  I eventually gave her baby ibuprofen and she fell asleep on my lap.  She has rubbed her ear a few more times than normal the last couple of days, hasn't been...
Okay, I finally figured how to track down your update.  SOOOOOO very happy for you!!  Take care and welcome earthside little girlies!!!  and Happy Big Sisterhood to your 'big' girl. :)
Hiya!!  I can't remember all the med info, but my first dd was the result of a FET and I remember it seeming sooooo much less intense.  I did find that accupuncture helped ( or did it?  hard to know ).  I had it weekly in the lead up to the transfer to prepare the uterus and before and after the transfer.  Good luck to you and pooh pooh on OHSS, that is some harsh stuff.   good luck :goodvibes
I just wanted to say that you're not crazy and your feelings totally make sense to me. The way you describe it, that's almost how I felt even after I had DD1. I wanted soooo badly to get pregnant and have a baby and then almost right away I was worried about if I'd be able to do it again. And feeling so guilty and selfish and wacky for not just enjoying the wonderful baby I did have. We went through hell for both babies (total 3 IVF's, 4 FET's). IF really messes us...
I think if you have symptoms from gluten it would be worth giving it up. Even if it doesn't help your fertility, you might feel better. When I was ttc, I tried cleanses, giving up dairy, giving up wheat, acupuncture... Some things did seem to help (3 IVF's and 4 FET's, severe male factor infertility). Good luck
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