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Discussing why you are no longer with your previous company....I've heard people say: "Due to company restructioning, the job position had been eliminated" "My supervisor/boss and I both agreed that (came to a mutual agreement) that I should seek other employment." Good luck on finding a new job!!!!
I have this bra! I don't remember what size I bought it in but I think I'm a 40E? I also have their sugar and spice bra (zero support) and the sports bra looking one. The only thing I don't like is that little keyhole in the front. I don't like it closed or open. Before pregnancy, I was a 38D then grew to a 38DD, 40DD and 40E toward the end. I still haven't found my "perfect" bra but the Bravado Supreme bra has the best support for me.
Have you tried an amber teething necklace? I originally bought mine online but a diaper store near me has started carrying them. The lady I bought my necklace from said that it helps with colic too but I don't have any direct experience, just teething.
Sam can roll over, front to back, back to front. He can sit for a couple of seconds by himself now too. I still don't think he is interested in food yet - it's more like, he wants whatever mama is holding! I was eating some watermelon granita and I put a little on his lips and nothing. He loves loves loves standing. If I had a jumper, I think he would really enjoy it but all I have is an exersaucer. We just DTD a few weeks ago. I feel bad it took us this long but...
We have had some small success with feeding DS (5.5 months) from a cup. He took a bottle at 1 week but refuses to do so now. My parents don't have the patience to do the cup so today my mom bought a sippy cup. The spout only works if DS sucks on it so if he is not sucking, it does not drip into his mouth. The brand name is Nuby, but I don't know where she bought it.
I got a job offer today!!!! It's field I want, it's close to home and the pay is good! It's contingent on the background check but I don't have a record or anything. I'm excited and nervous! As much as I want this job(and NEED it), I am unhappy that I won't be able to spend all day with DS anymore. DH and I tried to find ways for me to be able to stay home but nothing was happening fast enough and it seemed like more and more obstacles were popping up. Any moms...
I switched to a Woomby for DS. I just had the regular one (they have "Extra strength" too) but around 4.5 months, DS started stretching out the neck and getting a hand out! THe weird thing is that DS didn't need to be in the Woomby for naptime, just nighttime sleeping. I stopped using the Woomby and just held DS's hand at his bedtime nurse. I would put him to sleep on his side and if he startled himself awake, I would pat his back until he closed his eyes. He...
I slept with DS on my chest for the first week. I couldn't continue after that because he was suffocating me! I'd be dreaming that someone was trying to choke me and I'd wake up and DS would be pressing his head against my throat!! We cosleep but he's been sleeping in his crib (which is right next to our bed) more at night. I bring him into bed with us when he has his early morning feed.
I am in California and I don't get any Farmer's Market vouchers. I EBF and my vouchers are for milk, eggs, cheese, beans OR peanut butter (I chose beans), juice, cereal (like Life, Cheerios, etc.) carrots and tuna. I asked about the upcoming changes and I was told that it would happen in the fall...maybe.
My 5 month old has the same thing! At first I thought it was because we used disposables at night so he is now an all cloth diapered baby. Tamanu oil was working but that stopped. So I tried an herbal diaper rash cream and I think that actually made it worse. Then I tried some anti-fungal cream and it lessened the redness a bit but not by much. I let him go coverless today and the redness went down and I started to take acidipholius (not sure how you spell that?!). ...
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