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Chuck and Blair
My 8 year old ds still frequently wets the bed. He won't wear anything. I double layer his bed, so when he wets, he strips off the first layer, changes and then goes back to bed.
Thanks for all of the information. My dd has pinworms again - this is her 3x since February. It makes me feel better to read that she isn't the only one.
Love Gossip Girl!!! : Agree - Dan and Serena - boring Love - Blair and Chuck!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly We have the Klean Kanteen 27 oz. bottles. We love our Klean Kanteens - we also bought the funky sleeves, so they can be identified - it also eliminates the sweatiness.
That video is hilarious! I think the race has a 450 people cap. I will definitely try the drills that tjsmama suggested. I can't do bilateral breathing. I'm going to continue to go to the open swims at the lake to practice. Thank you so much for the tips and encouragement.
I totally can appreciate naming a child a rendition of a name that goes better with the last name. I wanted my dd to have the same middle name as me - Leigh (pronounced Lee). Well, "Annie Lee" sounds hillbilly to me - but Anna Leigh sounds pretty (we think so) - but we knew she would always be Annie to us. Nicknames are a way of life for some families - My son John Dives is called the following names by his immediate family: JD, Jay, John D, John Dives and...
I am a woman with two names. I was named "Amanda" but my mom and dad always called me "Mandy" - never Amanda. Now - my dad's mom didn't like "Mandy" so she called me Amanda. It didn't matter - it was almost like her special name for me. When I went to high school, I decided to go by "Amanda" - there were some people that called me Mandy and some Amanda. We named our dd Anna - but always call her Annie - never call her Anna - never will. Also - our ds is John...
Can she be missing her and avoiding her? absolutely - it's absolutely natural to have conflicting feelings at the same time. First of all - remember this has nothing to do with you -or her feelings for you. Since she's been spending the summer with you and probably feeling close to you, maybe she's feeling disloyal to her mother - and so she doesn't want you or her to forget that she does have a mom (which of course would never happen). For example...
Ok - so I made myself go out and open water swim last night with other tri trainees. Prior to last night, lake swimming to me was mostly floating or tubing. I swim in a pool, so I didn't think it would be that big of deal. It was. I couldn't see when I did the front crawl, so I did some rendition of the breast stroke to keep my head up. My neck and shoulders are killing me this morning. I'm going back next week to get better. Any tips? What stroke did...
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