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I have been a long tim liker of both Oak Meadow and Mothering on FB and enjoy their updates.
Delightful way to understand how Jake learns best. He is a spatial learner. I would love to win this giveaway. I have always heard great things about Oak Meadows.
I am still looking but our sweet son is now 31 months.
I am interested in connecting with some other moms who are interested in Waldorf.   I am Elizabeth and have a 31 month old son, Jake. We live in the Raleigh area.   Where are you located?
Hello, I am wondering of anyone is still interested in getting together?   Thanks and really want to get to know you guys and be around like minded moms. Elizabeth
I am Elizabeth and have a 23 month old son. I am really drawn to the AP/Holistic/Waldorf way of life and would ideally find other like-minded moms.   I am looking for a playgroup for us to become a part of.   I am having a time trying to find a group. I am happy to drive to Wake Forest, throughout Raleigh and even Chapel Hill.     Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks for reading Elizabeth in NC
Gunter, congratulations on your recent birth. Hope you are enjoying your babymoon. My babymoon was such a magical time for me.   Handiwork for me is not happening at the moment. I am knee-deep in the planning/gathering phase of preparing for Jake's 2nd Bday party( March 11). It will be a low-key, immediate family ( which is quite large) celebration but I want to incorporate all the things I have heard other Waldorf inspired moms have done. I know very lofty...
I am really enjoying this thread. Thank you all for posting.   This week I am in the planning stage for Jake's 2 year birthday. He will be 2 in March so I am thinking of how to implement a simple birthday for him.   I intend to make him several playsilks and a bday crown. Any other ideas for a 2 year old?   Elizabeth in NC 
I have really enjoyed the rhythm that we have been following thus far.   It is really just continued to strengthen with time organically.   There has been times when I have wanted to abandon parts of it out of my lack of discipline but kind of pushed forward and been rewarded by the results. When I say abandon parts of it I mean to skip something one day because I wanted to just veg out.   Hope all is well with others and would love to hear how others are...
Thanks for your suggestions. I will look into them now.   I am still very interested in getting together with other Waldorf inspired mom if anyone else is would love to hear fron you.   Jake is 22 months and we are getting to the point that I feel we can benefit for some small play outings.   Elizabeth  
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