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Yup! LOL. 
Books: If I can't find it to buy cheaper on Amazon, I use CampusBookRentals.com (If you use that link it goes to credit me towards referrals). I've had nothing but positive experiences with them, and have never had any problems. I've used them for 3 semesters now.    Thystle: YAY for you're hubby passing!!!     As for me.. I am currently 39.5 weeks pregnant and finishing up my semester. I only took 2 classes this semester, but one of them was very intense. I have...
What an amazing offer!!!! Thanks Hylands! 
I would love to be there, but I'll be 8.5 months preggo!   I went to the SCCR conference last year, and had SUCH a great time.
Have I posted in here yet? I am an anthro major... undergrad right now, with the intention on getting a PhD. My focus is cultural reproductive anthropology :) I LOVE it.. but I realize there is not much I can do with it without a graduate degree.
I use vegan butter and unsweetend plain soymilk easily in recipes and can't tell the difference. CHeese is the hardest thing to replace.
I had to come up with $2k within a month.. so I KNOW how you feel! We sold a TON of stuff on craigslist and ebay.. wedding dress, jewelry, Cutco knives, books. We also got a loan from DF's brother, and sold him back his computer that he sold to DF a while ago.   Good Luck!
I haven't been on this tread FOREVER!   I am not full time this year.. I am due with baby #3 finals week!!! I'll be going back to FT for the 12-13 school year, and that should be my last one (I started Fall 07!!!).   Even though I am only taking 2 classes, they are kicking my butt!!!
You will fit in just fine up here! I was a little nervous too, since I'm a hippie at heart as well.. but I've been here for over a year now and LOVE it. Not as crunchy as Oregon or Washington, but it's OK! I'm also vegetarian and would LOVE to have more veggie-hippie-mama friends!
Oops.. just saw this. Are you here in Logan now?? We have an LLL group (I'm a leader), we meet 3rd Thurs every month. It's probably too late to help out with midwives, now that it's Sept already!  
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