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Finished Friday. Officially DONE 1st year LPN training!!!!! : Congrats to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dd (15 months) has it and do you think I can find any of my natural healing books??? So what are the herbal/natural remedies??? I'd really like to go the natural route..and yes, she IS nursing, thank goodness!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I have a bunch. But my favourite, hands down, for a newborn is a Mei Tai Baby adjustable zippy. It's adjustable, so you can pull the bottom in if you don't want to froggy their little legs. I didn't use it until dd was about 4-5 months but then you have the option. And with the zippy feature, you can get different fabric panels so can change your look all the time without buying a new carrier. You can also get a lovey liner (really snuggly and soft for a newborn) and...
I'm going to school for Health Care this fall, so I'll just echo everybody else. No, it won't be my permanent dream job but right now supporting my family is my priority. Good luck, mama.
Just bumping up, was really hoping for stories of how people managed exemptions. Thanks!
It was Joseph Chilton Pierce I was talking about, it was years ago that I read it but FASCINATING read... might have to go get it again from the liabrary.
I have, and it's 6 of 1, half dozen of another
How old are you? 32 How old were you when you started having kids? 19 How old are your kids now?13, 10, 6 and 6 months How old are your friends? my best ones mid 50s, late 30s, and a couple of 20 yo s
Hi, I have read somewhere that 11 yo is the minimum age, something about brain waves?? Wish I could remember the specifics... If you are interested, I can ask my friend cuz she's the one that pointed me in that direction. That being said, my kids do watch it before that age but mainly in moderation.
I liked the Moby D best because it had stretch but a more stable panel for when you needed support.
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