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I'm 36+3 now and there are days where baby isn't so low. The electric shock sciatica in my left thigh is still here, but not every day.I totally get you on listening to my instincts and my baby! I'm sure baby will hold off for at LEAST another 4 days And at 37 weeks, I'd feel okay if baby came. I'd make sure to keep him on my chest for awhile and of course delay cord clamping to make sure baby's temp and oxygen was good. Then just monitor for signs of trouble.Thank you...
This is my 6th pregnancy. I'm having some signs that baby is engaged, or at least beginning to engage. His head is lower, and more firmly stuck in my pelvis. I'm having awful sciatic nerve pain in my left hip and thigh suddenly. It's not that I feel him SO much lower, it's just kind of a subtle feeling... things feel different. I'm NOT thinking he will come early. I'm going for a UC so I'm not even sure what I'd do if I had him before 37 weeks!! Some babies are totally...
Just seeing this! My RLS has been better. I'm taking a liquid Cal/Mag supplement and trying to get enough iron in. I still get twinges and cramping but it's not as severe
This was last week at 34 weeks.
Yup! Planning my second. Hopefully this time will be better than my last one! ( No serious complications but we transferred after and it turned into a freaking nightmare!)
That's the main problem I'm having, though. I can't turn my switch off!! I can ALWAYS move after turning it to off... I don't think I can be hypnotized using HB. At least not on the level that I was expecting. Does that make sense??
I am hoping that the cues get into my brain anyway
We have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan, with one kid in a HBB, twins in FF harnesses, and my toddler RF in a MyRide.I'm not looking forward to fixing my car seat situation! I *just* bought my twins and older boy new car seats last year... and now I have to buy at least 2 MORE new seats just to fit the new baby! But like they say: new car seats are cheaper than buying a new car.
I have washed and folded/hung up most of the baby clothes but I need to figure out where to put them! The folded stuff is stacked in the bassinet. I still have to wash the newborn diapers I got back from a friend ( strip them anyway.) and wash all the wool. I have to order more birth supplies and make up my mind about getting a birth tub or not... I also have to get my twins narrower car seats and figure out how I'm going to fit 4 carseats and a booster in my van. I have...
I am about to give up. I know they say that everyone can be hypnotized but its not happening for me!! The light switch thing doesn't register in my mind/body. I have RLS and I HAVE to stretch and move my legs... I'm so upset with myself. I am terrified of having another extremely painful birth like my last. I was really hoping and relying on the HB to have a comfortable birth! But if I can't do self hypnosis, then what's the point?? I'm still hoping that the course helps,...
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