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Congratulations!  I know how intense an unexpected early delivery can be, but it sounds like you are doing everything right.  Keep up the good work and I will be sending you and your baby healthy vibes.  
Hey Ladies, I can't believe it is time to discuss this, but is any one planning on starting Evening Primrose Oil...and if so when?  I can't remember when i started with my last pregnancy...Thanks!
Thank you for your info...very helpful!  
Emily...due the 15th..31...KY..this will be my 4th...identical twin boys that are 8 and a 3 yr old DD.
I was wondering if it is possible to do a yeast detox during early pregnancy...I have done them before pregnancy and had great results but didn't know if this is something people do while expecting.  I would use a natural yeast fighter and a probiotic...any thoughts!  Thanks.
I am not sure if I belong here, but I knew you all be able to answer my questions. I have a four month old that is breast feed only. I stopped drinking cows milk around two months due to terrible rashes on her behind and cheeks. It cleared up immediately. I still eat a small amount or dairy, and her pooping is very irregular. Every about 10 days. Her poop is incredibly thick and sticky...like tar. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and if was...
I have the happiest, fattest baby in the world...however I am completely baffeled by her pooping habits. She is breast feed and has what I believe to be a cows milk allergy. I am drinking no cows milk, but eating a small amount of dairy. She only poops every 10-14 days. When she does she strains and has the stickiest poop like tar or peanut butter. I am concerned only because I don't want her to be fearful of pooping, and I am slightly worried it be something else...
My little one has horrible diaper rash ...I am trying to let her be nude, but it is still pretty cold here so she is covered most of the time. I am using burt's (diaper cream and plan to cloth diaper her (she needs to get a little bigger nothing is fitting yet) Suggestions welcome!
Just wanted to let everyone know...Olive Elizabeth is here and doing great. We had a moon baby, born just after watching the lunar eclipse. She is beautiful and doing great.
I was wondering if anyone had some advice. I am 39 weeks and feeling extremely nausious. No vomiting, but I could if I let myself. I am trying to eat bland. I am not sure if it was something I ate, or a bug, or something else. Help I feel aweful. LOL
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