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my 13 month old got a stomach bug with the rest of us last week. she seemed to be fine by last friday, but she's still not eating all that much, and nursing a little bit more than usual. she's definitely lost some weight, and her poop is yellow and liquid - more like a EBF'ed baby's, not a toddlers. what can i do to encourage her to eat more? because i don't think she's getting enough calories with just the BM. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by readytobedone how is she with solids? if she's a good eater, i wouldn't worry at all. if that's going so-so, i would make sure she has a BM replacement that she will drink. i think as long as she's with someone she's bonded to, and you pump to maintain supply, your nursing rlnshp should continue just fine! normally, she's pretty good with solids.... but we were all sick last week, so she's super duper into nursing...
Quote: Originally Posted by AutumnMama I left for the weekend when my DD was a little older (18 months) and nursing was one of the first things she wanted to do when I got back. I think it depends on the child, but most would have no problems continuing nursing on Mamas return i'm hoping for this same experience....but worried that she'll be miserable after a day or two, missing nursing. thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st They ran out of cities so now they are in Brooklyn. hey!!!! brooklyn IS a city, just ask anyone who lives here! i : brooklyn!!!!
hey mamas i have a work commitment at the end of april that will have me out of town for 4 days. it is not possible for me to bring my dd (now 13 months), and she only likes BM from the tap. is it possible for me to be separated for 4 days without weaning her? i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing. it would be a shame to wean her just because of this, but i'm not sure if it's possible for me to get out of the work trip. thanks!
do the starbunz have snaps on the sides? or are they pull up only? they are super cute!!!
i tie-dyed my ds's underwear to cover the stains, and they are super, duper cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by EVC Oh, she she has an obssession with Obama. Every time she sees him on the news she screams "OOOOOBAAAAAAAAMAAAAAA! Vote for Obama! We don't like McCain. Foooo!" I guess we went a little overboard on election night we got a postcard ad in the mail from a local martial arts school, and there was a picture of 2 medium-complected men on it, and ds says, "look mama, barack obamas!" it made me laugh out loud, then...
ds1 ended up in c/s, even though i was "informed" and chose a great midwifery practice with a low c/s rate. we explored HB, but naively decided that we'd be fine in the hospital. when i got pg with dd, there was NO WAY i was going to the hospital. i figured i tried it "their" way, and didn't like it one bit. now, i was going to do it my way! my dad's an MD, and he never said a word - until after the birth, and everything was ok. then, he asked a billion...
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