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pow! dd's top two teeth busted through yesterday. she's not really chomping down on the ninnies (hoorah!), but has developed a bad habit of kind of pushing on my breast whilst pulling away with her head. it hurts my nips, and is not doing me any favors in the saggy tittie department! she seems to think that she can move her head any which way with my boob in her mouth, and unfortunately, due to my "long" boobs, she pretty much can! yikes! no AF for me, i'm so...
Quote: Originally Posted by wife&mommy I've been wondering the same thing. and the search features are gone, too?!:
what detergent do you use to strip covers in the dishwasher? or none at all? my covers are stinky! help me get the funk out!
i have no idea if i have hard water... how can i tell? this is off topic, but what happened the the "new posts" link at the top of the MDC page? did they get rid of it? or am i losing my mind?? as for solids, if it's soft and pretty small (about pea or cheerio sized), i think it's ok... i think the bean inside a green bean would be small enough.... HTH.
Quote: Originally Posted by Suebot Oh, and Marley is a kissy baby. She grabs my face with both hands (and sometimes fingernails) and pulls me in and smashes her drooly little mouth all over my face. I.freaking.love.it. I like to "make out" with her. i love to make out with my dd, too!!! OH NO. dd has started crawling. not a cross crawl, but the "under the wire" army crawl. and she's FAST! ds didn't crawl until 10 months - he...
hey mamas! dd is growing up so fast, i can't believe it. she's got 2 teeth, sitting up, and now she can get up on all fours, rocking, getting ready for crawling! it's all bittersweet since she's our last babe. she's doing about 3 naps a day - and is only waking once at night. hoorah! i was wondering what you mamas were doing about "sleep training" - when ds was a baby, we did CIO (no flames, please - i know more about it now, feel very anti-CIO now, and...
i love it when she hears the click of my nursing bra and starts rooting around like a little animal looking for my breast. i love it when she drinks and in between each swallow, she says, "mmm" - like a little moan of total bliss. i love it when she smiles up at me whilst nursing!
i'm a "sleep begets sleep" convert - and really believe that babies need a lot of sleep. so if your LO is sleeping until late in the morning, then late bedtime is fine. but if he's getting up when mine do - b/w 6 & 7 am - then i think an earlier bedtime is necessary, IMHO.
if there's someone in your family in boston that has one you can borrow, that would be great. that way, you can use it without having to travel with it. grandparents seem to LOVE to to push the stroller, so maybe that's why they want you to bring one - so they can show off your LO to everyone!
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