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I have some Natural Calm (not the kid version) so I might try that.
Thank you  both! Funny that you mention the school district! That's actually how my other son got his diagnosis. I just didn't think that an SPD could be diagnosed through the school system. I'll call up and see what they say. I realized that I left a few things out of my original post. When I said he was immature for his age, I wanted to add that he prefers toddler toys over his own, toddler tv shows, and just generally seems to act quite a bit younger than he is. It's...
Thank you! We homeschool, so I'm not really sure where to get help from. Do you see your doctor?  Where would one go to get a diagnosis/OT? :)
Hi! My son Oliver just turned 5 in February. He has always been what I would call "emotionally immature." As a baby/toddler he was always very needy, and easily overstimulated. He didn't start speaking more than a few words until he was around 3 (he also has a lisp), and that's when he the screaming, tantrums etc. started. I recognized this for a while as him being three, and also not being able to communicate well/being overwhelmed with not being able to express himself....
I am seeing some used on ebay! I didn't they would sell used since it was an online academy now, but I was wrong. 
Well, $700 per child is more than we could ever afford. That's $2,100! We did Christian Light Education for 3 kids last year, and spent less than $600 for all 3 kids. I was hoping to find something comparable to that but in a non religious form. I'm finding it difficult though, as you say. :(
Thank you. I had looked at Calvert before, and any school that has to be "enrolled" in will not work for us. Financially it's just not possible. :-/ But thanks!
I'm looking for a non-religious curriculum that preferably meets these criteria:   1. Mostly textbook or workbook based (computer is hard with 5 kids and 1 computer) 2. Not too Waldorf based 3. Has things laid out for me. I don't have the time to make my own daily schedules, or to do many "hands on" activities. 4. Preferably a whole curriculum, but if you have a favorite math, history, science etc. and piece things together let me know. I'm not familiar with...
Well, 2 days of negative tests and then AF showed today. I shouldn't be sad, but I am anyway. I will be happy to have my normal LP's back though. :) Anyway, there are a lot of things I want to do (diet changes, the move etc.) before we consider another anyway so it's a good thing, but that motherly instinct kicks in and defies all logic sometimes. :)
Hi! May I join? :)   We are CTA at this point. We are waivering on whether we want another or not, but we are getting ready to list the house for sale, switch districts across the state (dh is a teacher) and a slew of other things. Not to mention we couldn't very well fit another baby in this house, and our van won't hold another person.  That being said, we are of the mind that if God gives us another child we will welcome it and be happy with the timing whenever...
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