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I did a school tour and it seemed decent.  They have no security on the doors, people were just walking right in - yikes!  But she said that will change for all of Fulton County soon.  Negatives for me were only 15 mins of recess a day.  Really?!?  Kids need more outside time.  And no language program that I am aware of.  I still need to contact the curriculum director about that though. Teachers seemed nice, kids seemed happy, they handle food allergies well.    I'd...
Just curious if you decided to move and where? 
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My husband and I are looking at homes near downtown Alpharetta.  Mainly the Stone Gate Manor neighborhood.  I haven't heard much about Alpharetta Elementary and wanted to see if anyone has kids in this school?  If you know anything good or bad about the school and/or neighborhood please share :)  My daughter is starting a private Kindergarten next week but we plan on transitioning her to a public school for 1st grade.    Thanks!!
FloridaBorn, it's been probably a year or two since I've been to St. Pete but I still have family there.  It's definitely changed since I lived there almost 20 yrs ago (yikes, that makes me feel so old!!).  I also stick to the beaches when visiting and don't get into Tampa much.  I think I am also spoiled from living in the Atlanta area.  It's by no means super progressive here but we have such an amazing selection of CSA's & local farmers, an amazing Farmers Market,...
I grew up in Florida but currently live outside of Atlanta.  We're actually thinking about a move back and trying to decide where.  I thought I'd chime in on the original question and then ask a few of my own since I think it will also benefit them.   As far as North Florida goes (St. Augustine/Jax) it's pretty but very non crunchy in my opinion.  You are also very close to GA and with that will get more "southern" ways of thinking.  You will be limited as far as...
Can anyone recommend a public or private school in the Johns Creek/Alpharetta area?  My daughter is in pre-k now and we are just starting to look for schools that she can start in kindergarten or maybe 1st/2nd (we can keep her in her current school through 1st).    TIA!
Hi there!  I'm in Duluth as well and have a 4 yr old daughter.  She is in pre-k 4 days a week but we are always up for play dates when possible :)    I breastfed my daughter until almost 2.5 and luckily most people didn't say anything (atleast to my face!).   
I learned the basics in school, I think around 4th or 5th grade.  I don't recall my Mom ever talking about it with me and when I got my period I pretty much just got pads while shopping and that was that.  I already talk to my 3.5 yr old about it and plan on being very open and honest about it with her.  I'd love to do some sort of simple ceremony/celebration when she gets it and plan on teaching her how to chart, etc. 
We took her here http://www.longevityhealthcenter.com/ for 3 treatments I think?  It didn't help with her allergy to peanuts that I am aware of but it did seem to help with some of her intolerances. 
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