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Drop the doctor, and maybe report them to the board. I'm stunned that a trained professional told you to wait and see. Stunned. Baby's head first, issues about Grandma later. Please go. My stomach is flipping just reading this. Her brain could very easily be bleeding.
Yes to the paci. I wish my dd liked it more.
Well, i was in your sitch, and she got my cold. Poor thing is stuffy. I asked the doc at her 5 day check up ( in case she did get it, she wasn't sick then) and she just said as long as there is no fever, saline was the way to go, so we've just been checking her temp and doing the saline. I'm hoping my antibodies make it somewhat easier for her to fight this off. It's hard to see such a little having to be sick.
I'm not a whole lot under my pregnancy weight, but I feel like I look pretty good! I feel amazing- really like I didn't have a baby 6 days ago. It's really incredible, compared to my first. Maybe just because my body is all broken in from the first baby, lol.
I'd get it checked out, just in case. It might be a blocked lymphatic duct or something.
Hope you're doing well! I'm 40+3 and getting antsy. I feel fine, but I'm nervous going too late.
Quote: Originally Posted by DeChRi And PLEASE don't beat yourself over things like giving a paci! WIth DD1 I felt like I failed when I did. With DD2 I didn't mind giving her one here and there (I did within days as well). With DD3, I am praying she takes one. Be gentle with yourself. You are doing wonderfully and have not failed in Any way!!! Quote: Originally Posted by emnic77 This. DD1 never got one, DS flat out...
Still here, still preggo, tomorrow is my due date. I've been feeling fine, overdid it on the sweets today and sugar crashed for a couple hours, which was awesome. Bags are nearly packed, house is clean, and I'm just enjoying my dd and trying not to drive myself crazy wondering if every little contraction is "it". Tomorrow I have my 40 wk appt, I think I'll do the internal, but no sweep. Not in a huge hurry. It'll be my first internal so I'm curious as to see where I'm at....
I'm still here, lurking more than posting, but here. Almost 39 weeks. Not terribly anxious for baby to come, but still reading way too much into every sign, lol. Feeling weird today. The house is messy and not ready, but I almost don't care anymore.
Congrats! Sounds like a beautiful birth! Enjoy that baby!
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