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Dissenter here. I wouldn't as long as I was co-sleeping. Perhaps I was ruled by fear in this case, but I just kept thinking: What if?? What if something happened AND I'd been drinking? I would never have forgiven myself.
How about making a plate of a colorful variety of veggies with a dip/dips (hummus, veggie dip or whatever else you think up)? Sometimes our DC are more interested in the veggies if we call them fun things like "broccoli trees" or "zucchini boats" or whatever. I've also found that we all go through seasons/times where we're more and less interested in foods. Our DC are interested one day and not the next and vice versa, so don't lose hope.
Do you know what her triggers are? You could check your library for books about friendship; there are many good ones (sorry, not remembering names offhand) that address hitting etc. Maybe try role playing different situations with puppets or stuffed animals. I know praise is a controversial issue sometimes, but perhaps highlighting when she's gentle would help. Another idea is to help her to name her feelings so she's more able to use words to express herself versus...
What about asking your child what he/she thinks might make the person feel better? "What could you do to help" the person? I've done this and usually my children will say "I could say sorry" but will sometimes come up with other ideas.
I second Sage.
This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful relationship you and your sister have; I can't imagine how heartbreaking this is for you.
Anyone else?
Does sleeping through the night negatively impact supply? Is there anything I need to do to keep mine up now that my baby no longer wakes at night?
What is the hardest part about being a SAHM for you? The best part?
What's the hardest part about being a working mom for you? And the best part?
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