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This may or may not work, but is an interesting story nonetheless: http://www.wchstv.com/gmarecipes/egg...armigian.shtml At the very worst, it looks like a good recipe. : Good luck!
I just requested to join too. My name is Beth.
I got Brazilian waxes all through my last pregnancy, and have been getting them with this one too, and have had no problems. I can't see my bikini area at all, so decided to just clear the area rather than try to groom it virtually blind. The lady who does my waxes doesn't seem to think it's at all unusual to wax a pregnant woman. And I have to admit, I love the results!
Due mid-July!
I think it's pretty likely. She's showing a lot more pox now that she was this morning, and they're forming blisters too.
We've finally managed to contract CP! It's a mild case so far, but the spots just began to show up yesterday. We're in Burke. Please email or PM me for more info.
We've got it! It seems to be a mild case, but CP nonetheless. We're in Burke, VA. Please email or PM me for more info.
Quick update. Day 14 here, and still nothing. Fingers crossed though. Maybe we'll get some spots tomorrow. I'll post as soon as we have anything definite to report.
I was there, and have been anxiously checking my DD for signs of spots. Nothing yet. Tomorrow will be day 14 since exposure. If she develops pox I'll be sure to update. We're in Northern VA.
That's great! I just emailed you!
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