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We borrowed a balance bike for DD when she was 4 and while she did not enjoy it at first, she soon realised what a fun it was. She learned to ride a bicycle in about 10 minutes after riding balance bike for 4 months.
Why don't you provide her with safe things to cut and a time to do it? Give her curiosity an outlet Cutting in itself is not bad. There things that can be cut -like paper and fabric mommy gives you, and some things are not like clothes and cat fur.
How do you do it, if you do? I find myself reading a lot of helpful organizational articles, things on meal planing, gardening ext. I have a pinterest board where I pin pictures that inspire me however actual info is what I have trouble with. Do you take notes? use online services? Please share.
We sent DD into kindergarten (more like a daycare) for socialisation reason when we moved to Germany. I did not feel like I could socialization oportunities for her otherwise. She has been there for two years and loved playing with other children. Meanwhile I was at home with a newborn I could not handle both of them at the time at that time. So it was helpful that she was entertained by somebody else. We also were interested in homeschooling her but decided to just let...
We are starting to homeschool this year too. It is also important for me to have a curriculum to have some sort of the plan on what to do. DD is 5 and interested in learning things but I don't want to push her too much, so I was leaning towards Waldorf, on other hand DD is interested in facts, reading and writing, I can not in good concience tell her that no we have to wait until you are seven to start learning. I am not interested in Steiner philosophy very much but I...
It has been a while since last post on this thread!  We will be moving to Haifa in December and I would like to connect with other english or russian speaking naturally minded moms there. We have two girls 15m and  5y old who will be homeschooled this year. 
As someone who has seen this situation from child's point of view and someone who struggled with feelings toward my own DD at times I know how this could be very difficult.  I second that you need to be gentle with yourself, this child is not yours and you don't "have" to love her. And I believe that for everyone's benefit you need to be honest about you feelings. Fake it until you believe will only work while everything is rosy, no issues and no other children...
I am sorry, I can not give you any advise on how to make it easier for your DD to adjust to school. I am sure it is very difficult for her to adjust from being at home with family members and easy flow to more rigid structure of school day.  We are actually taking DD5 out of kindergarten to homeschool because, even thought she loves kindergarten and they play there all the time, it is too much for her and she gets overtired. 
Why would anyone want their baby or to toddler to read? Ok, it is cool when your tot can recognize words but I think and I know it sounds judjementall but I think this wish comes from first time mothers feeling inadequate and feeling the need to do something to remedy this. Kids will show when they are ready to read when they show interest in letters that are in the books, your own shopping notes and ect. 
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