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My cocker is similar in behavior to your dog. he was not allowed to play with other dogs because he was raised as a shw prospect and his breeder was concerned about his coat condition. He is fine with dogs who are mellow and respectfull but will get in full blown fight pretty much without warning if other dog gets in his space or acts stupid. There really no way to socialize out of it. dogs who are like that are only safe arund other dogs with super close supervision or...
What kind of dog is it? Does it shed a lot? Does she need to be brushed that often?  I am a pet stylist and I have plenty of experience with pets, show dogs and allergies, as I am myself is allergic to dogs.  Living with dogs and allergies is possible but it is not the same as for people without allergies.  You have to look at what managment practices benefit your health and at your dogs needs and if you can blend them.     Dogs skin and coat are like peoples,...
There is no need to pull skin back to see how far it opens. If it is neccessary to open it, though, it should be puled forward over the glands to see the opening.
So, 27 views and no replies? Anybody? 
My little 4 ½  y.old nephew has been diagnosed with the above by child urologists, My SIL  is very against circumcision (I am as well) and insisted on trying treating it with steroid cream first.  To me that diagnosis sound like a BS diagnosis since non-retractable and long foreskin is normal for children, at least all articles say to leave it alone unless there is a problem. I think that she needs to take him for second opinion to a doctor who is foreskin friendly,...
My intact 4 12 year old nephew was diagnosed with "Redundant Prepuce and Phimosis" by child urologist. I could not find any listing for foreskin friendly urologists in the area. Does anyone have personal experience?
I sent you facebook message.
First time was 46+ hours Second time 8 hours.
I am sorry you have to deal with this. Have you talked about it all with your MW? I would forget the fact that she is the daughter of MW and lay it all out about how incompetent she is. Meanwile look into blowu kiddy pools. Some of them are pretty deep. I don't know what kind of tubs they provide but I had an aqua-doula tub and at the end gave birth on dry land because it was too big nd I could not find a comfortable possition to relax in.
I don't think I am qualified to answer since my DD is only four and never did anything like that. However if she started saying things like that I would have taken her to theraist to figure out if it is just her "running the mouth" or there is some underlying issues that make her feel this way and help her deal with it or learn how to behave appropriately. JMO
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